Is Netflix series Echoes based on a book? (books to read after!)

If you love Netflix thrillers like Behind Her Eyes, The Stranger, Clickbait, Pieces of Her and What/If then you’re going to want to add the streamer’s latest television mystery show Echoes to your watchlist.

Mild spoilers ahead for Echoes

Released today on the platform, Echoes follows identical twin sisters (Michelle Monaghan plays both roles) who regularly swap lives, sharing two husbands a daughter between them. But when one sister mysteriously vanishes, the other must drop everything to find her.

Given the show’s concept, it’s easy to see why people would assume Echoes is based on a book or that some of the books featured in the show are real. Below we’ll dig into those questions and more.

Is Netflix Echoes based on a book?

Netflix’s Echoes series starring Michelle Monaghan is not based on a book. The show was created by Vanessa Gazy, an award-winning Australian writer, director and creator. Gazy previously created the eight-part mystery drama Eden for Australia’s Stan streaming service.

However, in the show, Gina writes a book called Echoes, so it’s understandable how fans could get confused. Plus, Netflix has adapted a lot of thriller novels and Echoes often feels like one of them brought to life, it’s easy to see why people could think this show was based on a novel, but it is not.

Is Charlie’s book Leni and Gina real?

Similar to how Gina writes a book in the series, Charlie also writes a book called Leni and Gina based on the twins’ story. That novel is not real either.

Books like Netflix Echoes

Even though Echoes isn’t based on any psychological thriller novels you can find at your local bookstore, that doesn’t mean there aren’t similar books you can pick up if you really liked the show and its compelling central mystery.

Here’s a list of other novels that might interest you:

  • Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter – Much darker and grislier but also about a complicated relationship between sisters
  • Anything by Sarah Pinborough, the author who did Behind Her Eyes (which Netflix also adapted). She’s known for her crazy twists.
  • The Other Me by Sarah Zachrich Jeng – More sci-fi but about a woman who opens a door one night in Chicago and finds herself living another life entirely
  • The Switch by Sandra Brown – About twins who switch lives but one is murdered and the other sister has track down her killer
  • Beside Myself by Ann Morgan – Another thriller where twins switch lives as a game and things get crazy from there
  • The Girl in the Mirror by Rose Carlyle – Twin sisters who might look identical but a darkness separates them

Have you watched Echoes yet? Are you planning to check out any of the recommended books listed above? Let us know your thoughts on the series in the comments below.

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