Is Netflix charging for extra users? (Is there an extra user fee?)

There was once a time when sharing Netflix passwords was common among the streamer’s impressive subscriber base, but that practice is about to become extinct as the streaming service is poised to begin charging for extra users sharing a single account.

For some time now, Netflix has been making it clear it isn’t a fan of people giving others who don’t live in their immediate household access to their account. When they first mentioned their idea for a pilot-sharing password program, people were very against it, and the platform dealt with significant backlash from its consumers.

The new policy is a direct response to Netflix losing subscribers in the first quarter of 2022. According to the shareholder letter they released in April, this tactic could help them make up for lost revenue. Since then, the number of new subscribers has exceeded expectations, and with their ad-supported tier in the works, it would seem they’re going all out to stay seated on the streaming throne.

It’s understandable Netflix would like to have a better grasp over control of its subscriber numbers given how things are heating up in the streaming wars, especially regarding their heavy-hitting competitors like Disney+, HBO Max, and Prime Video. It’s unclear at this point if the bold move will help bolster their numbers or have the opposite effect, which does seem possible given the opposition the concept first received.

Is Netflix really charging for extra users?

Those who can’t believe they could be charged extra for password sharing are in for a rude awakening because it’s already started. The platform has been testing out the method in countries such as Peru, Chile, and Costa Rica. A report from Business Insider indicates that people have been charged $2.99 for adding additional members.

The company has yet to reveal what the fees could look like when password sharing is eliminated worldwide, which will roll out in early 2023. Luckily, those utilizing someone else’s password to enjoy Netflix’s extensive catalog can now transfer their profiles.

How do you transfer your Netflix profile to a separate paid account?

Individuals can move their profile information to a separate, new account without losing their viewing history and watchlists.

As unfortunate as it is, all good things must come to an end at some point, and there is no denying that the password-sharing era of the streaming service legacy was a grand time for those looking to save a few bucks while watching excellent movies and shows. While it’s not ideal, Netflix will inevitably be charging for extra users, and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out in the end.

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