Is Jane starring Madelaine Petsch on Netflix?

Jane starring Riverdale‘s Madelaine Petsch is now out! We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering where you can watch the film. Below, we shared where exactly Jane is available to watch.

Jane is a thriller movie helmed by Sabrina Jaglom from a screenplay co-written by Jaglom and Rishi Rajani. Creator+ produced the film with Petsch, Debbie Liebling, Adam Wescott, and Nick Phillips signed on as producers.

Besides Petsch, Grammy-nominated singer Chloe Bailey, Academy Award-winning actress Melissa Leo, Chloe Yu, Nina Bloomgarden, Kerri Medders, and Ian Owens star in the film.

It’s about a high-achieving high school senior named Olivia Brooks, who after being deferred from her dream college, suffers from panic attacks while also struggling with the death of a friend. To try to get some normality back in her life, Olivia reconnects with her old friend Izzy. Together, the two friends go on a “social media-fueled rampage” against the people who cause problems for Olivia, which only ignites Olivia’s darkest impulses.

Is Jane on Netflix?

Sadly, the thriller flick is not available to stream on Netflix. Don’t fret, though! Netflix has tons of thrillers you can stream on its platform right now. We recommend checking out the Netflix original movies RebirthHypnoticThe Woman in the WindowIntrusionThe Weekend Away and Dangerous Lies. Netflix also carries another psychological thriller by Petsch and it’s called Sightless.

Where to watch Jane

Jane is now in select theaters. You can find out which theaters the movie is playing at by going on the Creator+ website. Once you click on a specific theater, it should take you to a website where you can buy tickets. If you would rather watch Jane at home, the thriller will be available to stream on the Creator+ streaming platform starting Sept. 16. You can pre-order the film on the Creator+ website for $8.99 right now.

Take a look at the thrilling official trailer!

Jane is now in theaters. Will you be watching the thriller film?

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