Is Interview with the Vampire on Netflix? (where to watch)

Anne Rice is about to take over AMC with two highly-anticipated shows on the way. First Interview with the Vampire is arriving on the streaming platform this weekend, and it will be followed by an adaptation of The Mayfair Witches next year.

Interview with the Vampire is off to a fantastic start, earning near-universal acclaim from critics and lots of attention from diehard fans of the books and even the 1994 movie starring Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. AMC is so confident with the show that the network has already renewed it for a second season ahead of its official debut.

Because it is airing on AMC, the show won’t be on Netflix, but we have all the information on similar projects on the streaming service and details on where you can actually watch Interview with the Vampire.

Is Interview with the Vampire on Netflix?

Since the vampire series is an AMC original, don’t expect it to be on Netflix anytime soon, if ever. The good news is that Netflix has several vampire-themed shows and movies (or at least stuff with a similar vibe) available to watch, like Blood Red Sky, Crimson Peak, John Carpenter’s Vampires, Dracula Untold, Dracula, and Let Me In.

Unfortunately, the 1994 movie starring Tom Cruise, Kirsten Dunst, and Brad Pitt isn’t on Netflix either. That movie isn’t streaming anywhere right now.

Where to watch Interview with the Vampire

New episodes of Interview with the Vampire will air Sunday nights at about 10:00 p.m. ET starting on October 2. You can also catch up via AMC’s streaming service, AMC+. Subscribers will gain access to new episodes one week early. On Sunday, October 2, the first two episodes will launch on the AMC+ app.

If you want to watch the 1994 film, you can rent or purchase it through digital retailers like Apple TV and Amazon.

Are you planning to watch Interview with the Vampire when it premieres? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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