Is Grace actress Athena Karkanis in Manifest season 4 part 1? (spoilers)

Ben and Grace may have had a rocky reunion when he first returned from Flight 828. But ever since they decided to 100% commit to each other again, the two have been one team. And Grace is the best mother anyone could ask for. Unfortunately, by the end of season 3, we had to say goodbye to the fan-favorite character.

When the Stones first take Angelina in, she seems to be so innocent. Remember those days? The young woman definitely is not though, and has some radical beliefs. One of those is that Eden is her guardian angel. The season 3 finale sees Angelina locking Olive in the basement, kidnapping Eden, and stabbing Grace.

Her tragic death of course has had effects on the whole Stone family. We especially see that with Ben in season 4. Grace is mentioned constantly. Did you notice her photo is Ben’s lock screen? Though the character is gone, there was the use of flashbacks this season. So does the actress make an appearance?

Warning: Spoilers for Manifest season 4 episode 10 belowW

Is Athena Karkanis in Manifest season 4 part 1?

Karkanis does appear in Manifest season 4 part 1! The actress reprised her role as Grace — in a way. At first, we think the beloved Stone matriarch shows up as a ghost of sorts in one of Ben’s Callings. Ugh, the look Josh Dallas gives when Ben first sees his wife just melts your heart. You can really feel Ben’s emotions through the screen.

While we’re just as happy as Ben to see Grace again, unfortunately it’s not really her. Angelina gets her hands on the Omega Sapphire after stealing it from Eagan. She uses it to conjure up a fake Calling of Grace to try and take Eden back. Ben later realizes Grace’s eye color is wrong and it’s not really her.

Later in the episode, Angelina tries to manipulate Cal with Grace’s image as well. As he’s dying from the return of his cancer, “Grace” tells him to let go. But Cal soon realizes that’s not really his mom because when he was sick all those years ago, she never told him to stop fighting.

While it unfortunately wasn’t really Grace, it was so wonderful to see Karkanis back! Her presence was truly missed this season. I’m sure she also had a great reunion with her Manifest family!

Manifest season 4 part 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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