Is Fire Country on Netflix?

There’s a new series on broadcast. It’s all about Fire Country, but where will the show stream online afterward? Will it come to Netflix?

If you’re in the mood for something new, you’ll want to turn to CBS on Fridays. Max Thieriot stars in Fire Country, a series that follows an unconventional prisoner release program.

Thieriot plays Bode, a man who is serving time for murder. He wants to prove he is a changed man, and that means he enters this unconventional program to gain redemption. He’ll need to join other inmates to fight wildfires in California. He’ll work with the local trained firefighters to take on the unpredictable world.

There is a problem. He’s being asked to do the work in his former hometown. This is a place he thought he left behind, and now all his dark secrets are about to come out.

Is Fire Country on Netflix?

There’s no doubt that you’ll want to watch the series, but you may not have time to watch it live. It’s on Friday nights, after all. The good thing about broadcast shows is that they head to streaming platforms the following day.

Is that Netflix? There is some bad news. Fire Country is not coming to Netflix.

This is a CBS series, and CBS has its own streaming platform. All episodes will head to Paramount+ the following day. You can get this via Amazon Channels if you want to keep it connected to another streaming platform you already have, but you can also get Paramount+ on its own.

It’s unlikely that the series will head to Netflix, but never say “never.” Not all CBS shows remain on Paramount+ at all times, so we could see it arrive on Netflix at some point in the future.

Fire Country airs Fridays at 9/8c on CBS.

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