Is Christina Applegate actually pregnant in real life?

The highly anticipated third and final season of Dead to Me has arrived on Netflix, and there are plenty of bombshells dropped across the last 10 episodes. Dead to Me season 3 answers all of our questions and leaves us with plenty more.

When we meet back up with Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini), the besties are pretty banged up from the hit-and-run accident with Ben. A bit ironic, right? The accident leads to unexpected revelations that color the bittersweet tone of the entire final season.

Dead to Me season 3 features a shocking pregnancy twist for one of the characters in the series, but is art imitating life? Is one of the actresses in the series also pregnant in real life? Here’s the answer for the viewers who might be wondering.

Warning: Spoilers ahead from Dead to Me season 3!

Is Jen pregnant in Dead to Me season 3?

In a surprise twist for not only the viewers but for the character herself, Jen gets pregnant after sleeping with Ben. She previously thought she was having menopause symptoms, but as her doctor informs her, menopause and pregnancy can often share similar symptoms.

Jen attempts to hide her pregnancy from Judy, as not to hurt her feelings, and then the world — because a pregnancy comes with questions. She wears a shawl and makes it her new style to avoid having to explain her pregnancy to the people around her.

Is Christina Applegate pregnant in real life?

But no, Christina Applegate isn’t pregnant in real life. Applegate and her husband Martyn LeNoble have one daughter, Sadie, born in 2011. The writers didn’t write in Jen’s pregnancy for any particular reason other than an intriguing plot twist and to further bring Jen and Ben closer together. As if their dynamic wasn’t complicated enough!

Television viewers often wonder whether pregnancy storylines arise due to an actress’ real-life pregnancy. In Dynasty season 4, viewers wondered if Cristal was pregnant due to her portrayer, Daniella Alonso, hiding her real-life pregnancy on the show. Likewise, ABC’s comedy Home Economics hasn’t (yet) written in the real-life pregnancy of Caitlin McGee. But even if an actress isn’t pregnant in real life, viewers will wonder if her character’s pregnancy means she is.

What did you think of Jen’s pregnancy twist in Dead to Me season 3? Share your thoughts in the comments, and watch all three seasons only on Netflix!

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