Is Brightcliffe Hospice a real place?

As we inch closer and closer to Halloween, Netflix’s got a good collection of spooky shows and movies to check out. The Midnight Club, Mike Flanagan’s latest series, hits the streamer on Friday, Oct. 7, and it’ll be a fun one to binge through this weekend. The teen thriller is based on the YA book of the same name by Christoper Pike as well as some of his other works. If you’re looking for something creepy but not totally terrifying, this is the show for you.

The Midnight Club follows a group of teenagers who leave their lives behind when they get a terminal diagnosis and move into a hospice facility for young people to try to enjoy the remaining time they have left. We focus mainly on protagonist Ilonka (Iman Benson), but the series features an ensemble cast playing patients and doctors. The story follows the teens as they gather each night at midnight to swap scary stories.

Most of The Midnight Club takes place at this hospice facility as we see the patients come to terms with their reality, which is called Brightcliffe. Is this a real place?

Is Brightcliffe from The Midnight Club a real hospice facility?

After doing some quick research, it doesn’t look like Brightcliffe Hospice is a real place. Yes, The Midnight Club takes place in the ’90s, but we still couldn’t find any information about an actual Brightcliffe out there, even from the past. The name of the facility in the show has been changed from the book, with the book version called Rotterham Home. That one is also fictional.

We’re not sure why the name was changed for the Netflix adaptation, though we can’t help but think of the mental facility Briarcliff Manor from American Horror Story: Asylum when we hear the name “Brightcliffe.”

Watch the trailer for The Midnight Club below and be sure to give it a try when it premieres this Friday.

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