How to create Princess Diana’s ‘revenge dress’ look

The late Princess Diana was adored for many reasons. She was kind to all; actively challenged the status quo simply by being the powerful force she was; fought for those who couldn’t fight for themselves, and always remained graceful, even if she was going through the most challenging time.

Undoubtedly, all her virtues will transcend time and be emulated by generations to come, but there’s one more aspect about the Princess that would be beside us, not to mention: her incredible sense of style.

From the stylish royal blue skirt and blouse she wore when she and her then-husband, Prince Charles, announced their engagement to the sophisticated black-and-white look she donned in April 1986, there was never a time she wasn’t dressed to the nines. However, there is one look we believe surpasses them all. That’s right, Princess Diana’s iconic revenge dress.

DIY look for Princess Diana’s revenge dress

People reports that the sheer dress Princess Diana wore to the Serpentine Gallery in June 1994 sold for approximately $65,000 in an auction for HIV/AIDs and cancer awareness, so it’s virtually impossible to acquire the dress without spending some serious cash (and even then, we doubt anyone in the world would take kindly to anyone wearing the dress other than the late Princess). But thankfully, some dupes will undoubtedly do the trick.

Here’s how to create a DIY look for Princess Diana’s revenge dress outfit.

The Crown season 5 star Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana

The Crown season 5 stars Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana

Beginning with the dress, it’s safe to say you can find a stylish strapless black dress at nearly any fashion outlet. Even so, here’s where to get a dress that we think will mimic Princess Di’s pretty well:

As for the accessories, Pretty Little Thing’s black low-heel shoes for $24.00, Pour Moix’s black velvet tights for $6.23 (£5.40), and Macy’s black envelope clutch on sale for $29.75 will all be perfect choices.

Last but not least, the late Princess’ revenge dress look cannot be completed without elegant jewelry!

The pearl choker—worth approximately 100 million euros today—can be replicated by LovettandCo’s Etsy dupe going $57.75, while similar pearl earrings can be found at Macy’s for $24.00.

And there you have it, a guide on how to emulate the late Princess Diana’s revenge dress!

We’re sure The Crown‘s costume designers had just as much fun as we did try to re-create this look. To see how the dress came together in the original series, be sure to stream The Crown season 5 today.

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