How tall was Princess Diana and the actors who play her on The Crown?

Throughout the seasons of Netflix’s The Crown, we’ve seen fantastic performances by some of the top actors of our time. There’s Olivia Colman, who’s portrayed Queen Elizabeth II since season 4 and won an Emmy Award for her performance, Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher in season 4, who also won an Emmy for her part, and House of the Dragon star Matt Smith, who portrayed Prince Philip in the first two seasons, among many other favorites.

As the show goes further into the history of the British monarchy, actors are replaced to age up the characters. In The Crown season 4, we got to see Josh O’Connor play Prince Charles — and he won an Emmy Award for that — and Emma Corrin gave a fantastic performance as Princess Diana. (Though they didn’t win an Emmy, they were nominated.)

Many followers of the Royal Family were so excited to see Princess Diana introduced in the show because of how memorable her place in history is. Not only did she challenge the family, but she was a dedicated activist and was applauded for her charity work. She was all-around loved by so many, and it was an absolute tragedy when she died in a car crash in 1997.

Princess Diana height

The Crown season 5 will see Elizabeth Debicki take on the role of Princess Diana as she gets older. As you watch her on your screen, you might be wondering how tall the real Diana was, as well as the actors who portray her. According to multiple sources, Diana stood at 5’10. She was incredibly beautiful and also known for her iconic style.

Elizabeth Debicki height

The latest celeb to play Princess Diana, Debicki is a reported 6’3! The Australian actress is 32 years old and has appeared in movies like The Great GatsbyTenet, Widows, and others.

Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana

Emma Corrin height

As mentioned, Corrin portrayed Diana in The Crown season 4, and they’re a bit shorter than the Princess of Wales was. The 26-year-old actor stands at 5’8. Corrin is still an up-and-comer, but you might recognize them from the shows Pennyworth or Grantchester. More recently, they appeared opposite Harry Styles in the movie My Policeman and will star in the upcoming Netflix film Lady Chatterley’s Lover alongside Jack O’Connell.

We’re excited to see Debicki take center stage when The Crown season 5 premieres this Wednesday, Nov. 9.

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