How tall is Prince Charles in The Crown? (And how tall are the actors?)

It’s time to jump into a new season of Netflix’s best historical drama because The Crown season 5 has finally arrived. The award-winning series is now tackling one of the biggest timeframes in Royal Family history as we see the end of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage. Of course, with that comes a ton of controversy, from Charles’ scandalous romance with Camilla Parker Bowles to Diana’s heightened attention in the media.

The Crown season 5 takes place between the years 1991 and 1997, also focusing on Queen Elizabeth II’s reign and her political issues after the fall of the Soviet Union. New actors have been ushered in to replace ones we’ve gotten to know previously as the characters grow older. Most of the central figures, such as Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Camilla, the Queen, and Princess Anne, are now being played by new actors in the latest season.

If you’ve started watching the new batch of episodes and are curious about Prince Charles, who is now the king in 2022, particularly his height, check out all the information we’ve got below!

King Charles height

King Charles III, known in The Crown season 5 as Prince Charles as Queen Elizabeth II is still alive, is 5’10. That’s reported to be the same height Princess Diana was, while the height of Camilla, now Queen Consort, has not been confirmed.

Dominic West height

As for Dominic West, the actor who portrays Prince Charles in The Crown season 5, he’s a bit taller than his real-life counterpart. The 53-year-old English star stands at 6-foot. West is best known for playing Jimmy McNulty in the acclaimed HBO series The Wire, and he also co-starred in the Showtime drama The Affair.

The Crown - Dominic West as Prince Charles

Josh O’Connor height

Prior to the latest season of The Crown, 32-year-old British actor Josh O’Connor played the part of Prince Charles for seasons 3 and 4. He’s even taller than the real Charles and West, as he stands at 6’1. O’Connor won an Emmy for his portrayal of the prince and is also known for the movies God’s Own Country (2017), Emma (2020), and Hope Gap (2019). We’re sure we’ll be seeing more of him in starring roles in the future. (His IMDb page proves he’s got multiple projects in the works!)

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