How old is Cal in Manifest season 4 part 1? (spoilers)

It’s time to dive back into the world of Flight 828 with the release of Manifest season 4 part 1 on Netflix. There are so many new clues and developments to uncover with our favorite (and least favorite) passengers, including a certain one who returned a little bit older.

In Manifest season 4, the timeline has moved up two years from the events of the season 3 finale, which not only marked the death of Grace and the kidnapping of Eden, but the comeback of Cal after his disappearance from touching the tailfin.

Among the many questions swirling around Manifest season 4 part 1, Cal’s age will be of particular interest. Obviously, it’s a confusing situation, but the fourth season offers an answer and explanation about Olive’s twin’s age upon his return and two years later.

Warning: Spoilers ahead from Manifest season 4 part 1!

How old is Cal now in Manifest season 4?

In Manifest season 4, Cal is now around 19 or 20 years old. When Cal returned home at the end of season 3, he was no longer around 12 years old. Instead, he had caught up to Olive’s age (about 17 or 18), which is the age he was meant to be had he not been a Flight 828 passenger.

Although Cal physically appears as a grown man (his portrayer Ty Doran is 25 years old), he still has the mentality and experiences as his younger self. In the two years that took place between seasons 3 and 4, Cal had a lot of emotional catching up to do with Olive.

It’s worth noting and explaining that Cal didn’t have five and a half years worth of experiences during his disappearance. He doesn’t have memories from that time away. For all he knows, he touched the tailfin then mysteriously returned a few years older.

Some might find Cal’s short-lived romance with Violet off-putting because of Cal’s younger mental age, but Manifest deals with time differently than most shows. He isn’t a 14 year old in a 20 year old’s body. He’s still Cal, just different. Like all things Manifest, it’s confusing and complicated, but somehow, it makes sense when you really think about it.

Stay tuned for more developments to come about Cal in Manifest season 4 part 2, and make sure to watch the first part now on Netflix!

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