How many seasons of Supernatural are on Netflix?

Ever since Supernatural came to an end on The CW in 2020, fans have kept the series alive thanks to its extensive legacy. For well over a decade Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki starred in the dark fantasy series, which quickly became a beloved pop culture phenomenon.

In the series, Dean (Ackles) and Sam (Padalecki) Winchester team up to hunt demons, monsters, and all kinds of supernatural creatures in order to learn more about the family business of keeping the world safe. Over the course of 327 episodes, the mythology grows richer and richer.

Speaking of growing the mythology, after a few failed attempts at getting a spin-off series off the the ground, The CW finally launched the prequel series The Winchesters in October 2022, and it became the network’s biggest series premiere of the season.

In the spirit of the Winchester family making a comeback, can fans new and old watch the series that started it all on Netflix? How many seasons of the hit show can you watch, and how long of a binge-watch will it cost you? Here’s everything you need to know!

How many seasons of Supernatural are on Netflix?

Currently, all 15 seasons of Supernatural are available to stream on Netflix. The streaming service has been the main streaming home for the series for many years and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

The fifteenth and final season began streaming on Netflix in November 2020, one week after its televised airing on The CW.

Per The CW’s now-defunct deal with Netflix, seasons of the network’s show will continue to be housed on the streaming service until five years after their televised finale. Since Supernatural ended in 2020, expect the Winchesters to potentially leave Netflix sometime in 2025.

How long does it take to watch Supernatural?

While the series aired on television for 15 years across the same amount of seasons, binge-watching Supernatural shouldn’t take newcomers or rewatchers a decade and a half. Depending on how many episodes you watch per day, you could finish the series within two weeks’ time at the very fastest.

According to the Supernatural complete series boxset collection, the running time for the series is about 13,696 minutes. That converts into almost 10 days and just under two weeks. Of course, that’s only if you spend every waking moment watching the Winchester brothers.

For the devoted binge-watcher, two or three weeks is definitely an attainable timeframe to watch 15 seasons of a broadcast television series. However, given the series contains 327 episodes, you might want to savor that tall order and spend a couple months or even a year digging into the beloved series.

Will you be tuning in for a Supernatural binge-watch or rewatch? Check out all 15 seasons of the series, streaming on Netflix.

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