How many episodes is Partner Track season 1 on Netflix?

We’re just a few days away from the premiere of Arden Cho‘s highly-anticipated romantic legal drama series Partner Track, based on the book of the same name by Helen Wan. But how much of a time commitment will the show be and how many episodes will the first season include?

Partner Track season 1 will consist of 10 episodes in total, which is a nice amount for a new Netflix series. Ten episodes is pretty standard, but sometimes new shows don’t even receive that much anymore.

Each episode of Partner Track is 40-45 minutes in length, so it will take you approximately 7 1/2 hours to watch the entire season. That’s a decent binge-watch that you can spread across a weekend or into the following week. The show is also fast-paced and easy to watch, so you might surprise yourself by how easy it is to binge the entire thing in one sitting!

Partner Track episodes

Netflix has not released the episode titles for all 10 episodes but we do know that the premiere episode is titled “Material Adverse Change” and the finale is titled “Dawn Raid,” per IMDb.

In the mergers and acquisitions fields, “material adverse change” is a change in circumstance that reduces the value of a company, while a “dawn raid” refers to the practice of buying up a large portion of a company’s shares right at the onset of a new day’s trading.

Based on those titles and their real-world definitions in law and finance, I think we can safely assume that all episode titles will be a term that relates to practicing law.

Usually the reason Netflix won’t release all of the episode titles beforehand is to avoid any potential spoilers, although in this case it might just be because Partner Track is a new show.

Stay tuned for more Partner Track news, updates, and spoilers from Netflix Life.

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