How did Grace die in Manifest? (Did Grace die in Manifest?)

Manifest season 4 part 1 has finally taken flight on Netflix with the first ten episodes of the show’s final season making their way to the streaming service as of Nov. 4.

The arrival of the first wave of final episodes has left fans with a lot of questions not just about how the series will end, but also regarding moments from the show’s past.

Across season 4, Manifest revisits many plotlines from the show’s first three seasons but often times the events and characters involved are only just briefly referenced without a full recap or refresher. As such, it can be hard to remember what exactly happened when a character we haven’t seen for several episodes or an event that occurred seasons ago comes up in conversation on the show.

One question that seems to be coming up frequently as fans are beginning their binge-watch of season 4 is the mystery surrounding what happened to Ben’s wife Grace, more specifically regarding her death in the series.

What happened to Grace in Manifest? (Does Grace die in Manifest?)

For those who need a refresher, in the season 3 finale of Manifest, Grace finally realizes how dangerous Angelina has become after Angelina sets a fire in their home to test her theory that Eden wouldn’t allow anything to happen to her. While Olive had been warning Grace about Angelina’s growing obsession with Eden and their family, it wasn’t until Angelina set the fire that Grace realized just how bad things had become.

After Angelina set the fire, Grace kicks her out of their home and Angelina begins to spiral from there which sets her on a path to taking a series of very drastic actions.

Determined to get to Eden, Angelina breaks into the Stone’s home, traps Olive in her room so she can’t interfere if things go wrong and then makes her way up to the Stone’s bedroom to get to Eden. What she hadn’t quite planned for was for Grace to be in the room and to confront her when she attempt to get to Eden.

Set on her belief that Eden was her guardian angel, the deranged Angelina fatally stabs Grace and then kidnaps Eden. After Angelina flees the scene of the crime, Cal returns aged five-and-a-half years and is with his mother in her dying moments when she dies on the floor of her bedroom as the result of her injuries.

Manifest is streaming now on Netflix.

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