Hemlock Grove and everything else leaving Netflix in October 2022

With all the new announcements regarding the exciting movies and television shows coming to Netflix in October, it’s easy to forget that Netflix functions by an in-with-the-new-out-with-the-old philosophy. Several big titles are leaving Netflix in October 2022, unfortunately.

One of Netflix’s original series, Hemlock Grove, is among the most surprising departures. Not only is it a Netflix title, it was actually one of the first, made way back when Netflix was just getting started in the streaming game.

However, even though Netflix distributes Hemlock Grove, the show was produced by Gaumont International Television, ShineBox SMC, and United Bongo Drum, Inc. It might be weird to see Netflix Original content leave the service, but it has happened before.

Disney famously removed the Netflix Marvel television shows, and even the short-lived show Soundtrack was taken off the platform. However, that was, again, likely due to Disney (Soundtrack was produced by 20th Century Fox).

Unlike the Marvel shows, though, we don’t know where, or even if, Hemlock Grove will move to another platform. So if it’s a show you love, now is the time to revisit it before it leaves on October 22.

Some of the other big titles leaving Netflix in October include all six seasons of Schitt’s Creek, the first After movie, the Miss Congeniality movies, the Friday movies, Naruto seasons 1-9, The Notebook, and all three seasons of Leah Remini’s Scientology documentary series.

Hemlock Grove and everything else leaving Netflix in October 2022

Below you can find out exactly what is leaving in October and when to plan your rewatches and binge-watches accordingly!

Leaving October 2

  • Schitt’s Creek seasons 1-6

Leaving October 7

  • Sofia the First seasons 1-4

Leaving October 8

Leaving October 13

  • Apocalypse Now Redux
  • Everything Must Go
  • Little Italy
  • Scary Movie 4
  • The Girl Next Door

Leaving October 14

  • Bleach The Movie: Fade to Black
  • Bleach the Movie: Hell Verse

Leaving October 15

Leaving October 21

Leaving October 22

  • Hemlock Grove seasons 1-3

Leaving October 26

Leaving October 27

  • Metallica Through The Never

Leaving October 31

  • 8 Mile
  • Bridget Jones’s Diary
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  • Footloose
  • Friday
  • Friday After Next
  • Johnny Mnemonic
  • Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath seasons 1-3
  • Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • Miss Congeniality
  • Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous
  • Monster-in-Law
  • Naruto seasons 1-9
  • The Notebook
  • Rock of Ages

Out of all the shows and movies leaving Netflix in October, which ones are you most sad to see go?

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