Family Reunion Part 5 is coming to Netflix in October 2022

We have great news to share! The complete list of Netflix movies and shows coming in October has been released and guess what original series made the list? If you guessed Family Reunion, you would be right. Family Reunion Part 5, otherwise known as Family Reunion season 3, is coming to Netflix this October! We shared the official release date down below.

Family Reunion is one of the best family sitcoms streaming on Netflix, hands down. There have been two seasons released so far with the third and final season coming soon. When Netflix announced that Family Reunion would end with a third season back in October 2021, we were saddened by this news. However, we tried to look on the bright side. We would be getting a series conclusion, which is something that most Netflix shows aren’t given.

The second season ended on a shocking note with Cocoa and Moz revealing to the rest of the family that they’re expecting a baby. So it’ll be interesting to see where the story picks up in Family Reunion Part 5.

Now, are you ready to find out the Family Reunion Part 5 release date? Without further ado, here’s when you can expect the final season to be released on Netflix.

Family Reunion Part 5 release date on Netflix

Get ready because Family Reunion Part 5 will make its landing on Netflix on Thursday, Oct. 27, 2022! There are 10 episodes total in the third season. The first two seasons were split into two parts each, but it’s unclear if this will happen for season 3. However, our best guess is that Netflix will release all 10 episodes at once on Oct. 27. We’ll let you know if the streamer decides to split the 10-episode third season into two parts. But for now, expect all 10 episodes to drop on Oct. 27.

Family Reunion Part 5 photos

Check out these official production stills from the upcoming third season!

Family Reunion Part 5

Family Reunion. (L to R) Talia Jackson as Jade, Jordyn Raya James as Ami, Cameron J. Wright as Mazzi, Jasun Jabbar Wardlaw Jr. as Tyson in episode 306 of Family Reunion. Cr. Kevin Estrada/Netflix © 2022

Family Reunion Part 5

Family Reunion. (L to R) Richard Roundtree as Grandpa, Loretta Devine as M’Dear in episode 306 of Family Reunion. Cr. Kevin Estrada/Netflix © 2022

Family Reunion Part 5

Family Reunion. (L to R) Tia Mowry-Hardrict as Cocoa, Anthony Alabi as Moz in episode 302 of Family Reunion. Cr. Kevin Estrada/Netflix © 2022

Be sure to check out Family Reunion Part 5 when it arrives on Netflix on Oct. 27 at 12:00 a.m. PT/3:00 a.m. ET!

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