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A mystery-horror series titled 1899 lands on Netflix on Nov. 17. This is a show you should definitely add to your watchlist. I mean, it’s created by the creative duo who brought us the science fiction series Dark, Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. But before you start binging the entire first season, you should get to know the cast better. It’s only right that we begin with Andreas Pietschmann.

1899 is about a steamship of multinational immigrants traveling from Europe to America in search of better opportunities. However, their journey to the new continent gets thwarted when they discover another migrant ship drifting on the open sea. What they find on the other steamship changes their lives forever, and their journey turns into a horrifying nightmare.

Andreas Pietschmann portrays the role of Eyk, the captain of the Kerberos ship. Once he hears a distress signal coming from the other steamship that has been missing for months (Prometheus), he decides to change course to see if any missing passengers are alive on board.

Here’s everything to know about the 1899 star below!

1899 on Netflix - Andreas Pietschmann

Andreas Pietschmann age

The talented actor was born on March 22, 1969, in Würzburg, Bavaria, West Germany. He is 53 years old, and his zodiac sign is Aries.

Andreas Pietschmann Instagram

If you’re looking for Andreas on social media, you can find him on Instagram at the handle @andreaspietschmann. He has over 200k followers and tons of posts. As expected, his most recent posts are 1899-related. If you scroll past the 1899 promotional content, you’ll find many selfies, photos of his colleagues, projects he’s worked on, professional images, and pictures of him and his partner. So to keep up with the 1899 actor, we recommend giving him a follow.

Andreas Pietschmann height

He reportedly stands at 5 feet 10 inches or 5 feet 11 inches.

Andreas Pietschmann roles

Andreas is best known for his role as The Stranger in Netflix’s Dark. However, he’s also had roles in the movie Belle & Sebastian and the TV shows Ku’damm 59 and The Perfect Mother. His upcoming project is a German TV movie titled Tatort – Das Opfer.

Andreas Pietschmann relationship status 2022

Sorry, ladies! Andreas is off the market and in a relationship with his long-time partner, Jasmin Tabatabai. Jasmin is a German singer and actress. They’ve been together since 2008 and share a son and daughter.

Be sure to check out Andreas Pietschmann as Eyk in1899 on Netflix!

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