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Are you ready to binge-watch Echoes? We know we are, mainly because it features a ton of our favorite actors. One of this Netflix limited series’ actors is none other than Clayton Royal Johnson, an on-the-rise actor who you’re definitely going to want to know more about whether you’ve seen him before or whether this is your first time meeting him.

In the 2022 series, he plays the role of the teenage version of Dylan James (Jonathan Tucker), but he’s been in a title or two before. Want to know all of his previous roles? Then read on to learn all about Clayton Royal Johnson’s roles and much more!

Clayton Royal Johnson age

Famous Birthdays reports Clayton was born on August 7, 2001, making him 21 years old and a Leo.

Clayton Royal Johnson height

His actor’s resume states that Clayton stands at 5-feet-10-inches, has brown hair, and blue eyes. (It also states that he has a third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. How cool is that?!)

Clayton Royal Johnson Instagram

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Clayton has an official Instagram page set up. The same goes for Twitter and TikTok. Hopefully, he does make a social media account soon, so you (and his growing fanbase) can shower him with tons of love and appreciation.

Clayton Royal Johnson roles

If you know Stranger Things like the back of your hand, then you probably remember seeing Clayton a couple of times. In the latest season, Clayton played the role of Andy, Jason’s (Mason Dye) friend and one of the many antagonists of Volume 4.

We’re not too sure if we’ll see his character in the final season, but while you wait to learn more about this, read on to learn more about Clayton’s most notable roles (via IMDb):

  • Crescent City Chronicles: Chains in the Attic (2018) as Adrian DeMarco
  • I Am Frankie (2018) as Dolph
  • Surviving Lunch (2019) as Danny
  • Rock-a-Bye (2020) as Bobby
  • Family Camp (2022) as Corbin

The media outlet also states that his upcoming projects include My Best Friend’s Exorcism and Wildflower, where he will be playing the roles of Wallace Stoney and Andy, respectively. Stay on the lookout for these titles!

We hope you’ve come to love this actor as much as we do! If so, get ready to see Clayton Royal Johnson in Echoes, streaming on Friday, Aug. 19, only on Netflix!

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