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The romantic comedy That’s Amor is now streaming on Netflix. It tells the love story between a down-in-her-luck woman and a dashing Spanish chef. Isaac Gonzalez Rossi plays the role of Matias, the Spanish cook.

That’s Amor is a Netflix movie helmed by Shaun Paul Piccinino from a screenplay written by John Ducey. The story follows Sofia (Riley Dandy), a woman who gets fired and cheated on the same day. While between jobs, Sofia decides to spend time with her mother by taking a cooking class. There she meets Matias and there’s an instant spark. But their love story isn’t easy, with Matias already in a relationship and Sofia’s ex coming back in the picture.

If you’re curious about the actor behind the Matias character, all you have to do is continue reading because we’ve shared everything there is to know about Isaac Gonzalez Rossi right below!

Isaac Gonzalez Rossi age

Issac’s exact age is unknown, but he’s believed to be in his 20s or 30s.

Isaac Gonzalez Rossi height

The That’s Amor star reportedly stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall. He has black hair and dark brown eyes.

Isaac Gonzalez Rossi Instagram

You can find Issac on Instagram at the handle @iceman1221. He has over 1k followers and over 200 posts. His page mainly consists of photos and videos of his wife, projects he’s working on or has worked on, friends and family, and places he has visited.

Isaac Gonzalez Rossi roles

Issac has 14 acting credits to his name. He’s best known for his roles in the TV shows Blood RelativesMurder Among Friends, I Feel Bad and Westworld. We’ll see him next in a short film titled The Kinjiku and an action film called Married Alive.

Here’s Issac’s complete filmography via IMDb below:

  • Stories of the Paranormal: It Came in the Night (2012)
  • The Hunter’s Circle (2013)
  • That’s Not How It Works (Short film – 2013)
  • The Door (Short film – 2016)
  • Murder Among Friends (TV series – 2017)
  • Blood Relatives (TV series – 2017)
  • I Feel Bad (TV series – 2018)
  • Westworld (TV series – 2020)
  • The Devil in the Room (2020)
  • NCIS (TV series – 2021)
  • As We See It (TV series – 2022)
  • That’s Amor (2022)
  • The Kinjiku (Short film)
  • Married Alive

Isaac Gonzalez Rossi wife 2022

Issac married actress Skye Coyne on May 3, 2022, in Yosemite, California. They often post cute photos of each other on their Instagram pages. Coyne is known for her roles in Deadly Dating GameLove Under the Lemon Tree and Canyon PALs Adventures.

You can catch Isaac Gonzalez Rossi as Matias in That’s Amor, streaming only on Netflix.

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