Eugenio Mastrandrea age, height, Instagram, roles: From Scratch’s Lino

New heartthrob alert!

From Scratch‘s Eugenio Mastrandrea is someone that has been catching the attention of Netflix subscribers everywhere, as this handsome actor certainly knows how to work the camera and make everyone swoon. And on top of his good looks and charm on camera, it appears that this actor is even more of a catch off camera with his goofy personality and stunning Instagram photos.

If you’ve got eyes on Eugenio, too, then allow us to fill you in on everything there is to know about this on-the-rise star. His age, height, and more are right below.

Eugenio Mastrandrea age

Eugenio Mastrandrea was born on Dec. 9, 1993, in Rome, Italy, which makes him 28 years old and a Sagittarius.

Eugenio Mastrandrea height

Eugenio is black hair, and dark brown eyes, and reportedly stands at approximately 6 feet.

Eugenio Mastrandrea Instagram

Eugenio’s official Instagram, @eugeniomastrandrea, is small but mighty. Though he only has around 10 posts as of October 2022, each of those posts is larger than life, as they show how passionate he is about his acting career. One of our favorites is the snap of him channeling his inner Charlie Chaplin, but maybe you’ll find a couple more you’ll like, too. There’s only one way to find out!

Instagram seems to be the only place to follow Eugenio. Hopefully, he’ll add more socials in the future!

Eugenio Mastrandrea roles

He’s still climbing that Hollywood ladder, and we got to admit, he’s doing a pretty good job!

In addition to his role as Lino in From Scratch alongside Zoe Saldaña, Eugenio starred in Nero a metàLa fuggitiva, and the 2012 film A.C.A.B. – All Cops Are Bastards.

With his most recent project, we know this isn’t the last you’ll see of Eugenio Mastrandrea. But, until this actor becomes a household name, catch him star in From Scratch streaming on Netflix.

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