Elite season 6 recap guide: Episodes 1-3 explained

Elite season 6


The day everyone’s been waiting on is finally here. Elite season 6 is now streaming on Netflix, and most people have already started their binge sessions. The season 5 finale ended with a shocking cliffhanger, so it’s not surprising that many people are tuned in for the sixth season.

If you had been keeping up with Elite season 6 news, you would have already known that Samuel (Itzan Escamilla) wasn’t going to be in the sixth season. When the official synopsis for the sixth season was released, it revealed Samuel’s fate. If you recall, Samuel had hit his head on the edge of the pool after a tussle with Benjamín in the season 5 finale. According to the season 6 synopsis, Samuel succumbs to his injuries. Other original cast members, such as Omar Ayuso, Claudia Salas, and Georgina Amorós, do not return either.

However, we do see the return of André Lamoglia, Valentina Zenere, Carla Díaz, Martina Cariddi, Adam Nourou, and Manu Ríos in the sixth season. In addition, there are also new cast members like Ander Puig, Carmen Arrufat, Álvaro de Juana, Ana Bokesa, and Álex Pastrana.

Elite season 6 takes place after Samuel’s death. It’s a new school year at Las Encinas and the prestigious institution is trying to move past its scandalous past. Still, problems such as racism, sexism, domestic abuse, and LGTBI-phobia continue. It’s up to those who run Las Encinas to put an end to these issues, but if not, the students have no problem taking matters into their own hands.

This season is just as drama-filled as previous seasons. If you need a breakdown of what happened in the first three episodes of the season, we’ve provided a comprehensive recap guide for episodes 1 to 3 right below. In the guide, we explain everything you need to know from each episode and more.

MAJOR spoilers ahead for Elite season 6.

Elite season 6 recap guide

Here are the first three episodes of Elite season 6 explained and reviewed below!

Elite season 6, episode 1 recap: “Anxiety”

The first episode opens with Iván walking down the street and then flagging a car down. The car slows down but then speeds up and hits Iván. As Iván lies on the floor, unconscious, the car stops. Then, it cuts to the title card. There’s a mystery to be solved with every season. It looks like the mystery this season is finding out who hit Iván.

After the title card ends, we see Ari visiting her father in prison. Benjamín tells Ari that he’s working on proving his innocence in Samuel’s death so that he can be released. He tells her that she and her siblings need to go back to Las Encinas so they can appear to be leading normal lives. He believes this will make him not look like a target. Ari tells him that Patrick and Mencía will not agree to return to school, so Benjamín threatens to cut them off financially if they don’t. Ari then decides to help her father.

Now, the episode cuts to a new school year at Las Encinas. There’s a new principal by the name of Virginia. Patrick, Mencía, and Ari have a hard time adjusting since everyone’s looking at them differently because of their father. However, Patrick starts to feel better after he and Iván become boyfriends officially. Meanwhile, Mencía and the new girl, Sara, get off on the wrong foot.

Later, we meet another new student named Nico. We find out he’s a trans man when he introduces himself to Patrick and Iván in the showers. He later meets Ari, and the two argue over his gender identity. However, it’s obvious there’s some sexual tension between them.

Isadora stops their bickering and invites the entire class to the opening night of her new playhouse. But she still struggles with the sexual assault that happened to her last season. She can’t wait for the trial to be over, and for Hugo, Alex, and Javi to be put behind bars. Isadora was also given anxiety medication but stopped taking it. She believes she doesn’t need the meds, just the support from her family.

We cut to Isadora’s party and everyone’s having a good time. Isadora gets ready upstairs in her suite while her mom barges in. Although Isadora is happy to see her mom, her mom isn’t really focused on her well-being. Instead, she’s focused on her image. At the party, Mencía smirks at Sara from across the room, letting us know that something romantic might form between them later on. However, Sara has a boyfriend named Raúl. They get to know one another at the party, but then Sara tells Mencía and Raúl that she has to leave because she has class the next day.

Elsewhere at the party, Ari sees Nico kissing a girl and is jealous. Patrick and Iván begin arguing because Patrick still thinks Iván has feelings for Ari. But Iván reassures Patrick that he only wants him. However, Patrick is still skeptical. We then see Ari pull Nico away from the girl he was kissing. But Nico quickly becomes turned off by Ari’s drunken behavior and the comments she makes, so he sends her home in a taxi.

Meanwhile, Raúl invites Mencía back to his and Sara’s house. When they walk through the door, they wake Sara up. While Raúl and Mencía dance together, Sara watches them. She then tells Mencía that she has to leave.

Back at Isadora’s hotel, Isadora receives terrible news from her mom. Her mom tells her that her case will be dismissed and won’t go to trial because there’s no proof that the sexual assault happened. After Isadora ends the phone call, she immediately starts panicking. She eventually finds drugs and takes them.

As Bilal is about to deliver towels to Isadora’s room, he finds her unconscious, lying on the floor. He and a new character, Dídac, place Isadora in a bathtub to wake her up. Once she gets up, she dismisses Bilal. While Dídac cleans Isadora’s room, he tells her to cover up because she’s making him uncomfortable in her swimsuit. They share words, and then Isadora tells Dídac he’s fired.

At the party, Cruz kisses Patrick and Iván catches them. Patrick and Iván argue, and then Iván storms off. The next morning, everyone’s back at school and still reeling from everything that happened at the party. Iván looks on social media and finds footage of Cruz and Patrick kissing. Then, Hugo, Alex, and Javi walk into the room. The episode ends with a cut to the scene from the beginning of the episode. Iván is bleeding out on the ground, and the car that hit him drives off. Who hit Iván? Is he still alive? I guess we’ll find out later in the season.

Grade: B

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