Dynasty season 5 ending explained: How does Steven return?

After five seasons and 108 episodes, Dynasty’s time on The CW has come to an end. Dynasty season 5 aired its finale on Friday, Sept. 16, and the episode brings the series to is conclusion. The Carrington family and all their friends and enemies are saying farewell.

In the final season of Dynasty, Fallon and Liam worked toward parenthood, with couple pursuing surrogacy due to an unforeseen setback. The series finale awaits the arrival of the bouncing bundle of joy, but the mom-to-be must also lock down her dynasty before the next generation arrives.

What happens at the end of Dynasty season 5? Where do all of the characters end up, and will we see any fan-favorite characters return for a cameo? Here’s an explanation of everything that went down at the manor and beyond in the series finale!

WARNING: Major spoilers ahead from the Dynasty series finale!

Is Steven in the Dynasty series finale?

Long time fans of the series will rejoice at the series finale’s big twist: Steven is BACK! But there’s a kicker. He comes back as Graham (played by Dan Amboyer), the new majordomo that joins the manor in the penultimate episode.

When Graham kidnaps Adam and ties him up in a cabin, he peels his face off (gotta love a soap opera!) to reveal he’s actually Steven. The long-lost Carrington sibling put the pieces together and realizes Adam stole his life. He’s back to get revenge on his brother and rejoin his family.

After banishing Adam from Atlanta, Steven reveals himself next to Sammy Jo. The exes have an emotional reunion, but they also pick up right where they left off. Steven also reunites with Fallon, his sister and best friend, before the whole family’s collective jaws drop to the floor after the baby’s birth.

Thankfully, the Dynasty series finale righted a wrong that was made in the second season, which found James Mackay let go from the series and Steven locked away in Paris. It’s wonderful to see Steven and Sammy Jo finally get the happy ending they deserve.

Dynasty season 5

Dynasty — “Catch 22” — Image Number: DYN522_0033r — Pictured (L – R): Grant Show as Blake Carrington and Elaine Hendrix as Alexis Carrington Colby — Photo: The CW — © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Does Dex survive the plane crash in Dynasty?

In the second-to-last episode, Dex is identified as a passenger in the plane crash out of Blake’s airport. As soon as Alexis catches wind that her new husband could have died in the crash, she joins the search party for the passengers along with Blake.

Although a storm comes in and halts the search party, Alexis doesn’t give up on searching for Dex in the woods. Blake begrudgingly joins her in the storm because, even though they may not get along, there’s still love between them. As expected, Alexis finds Dex alive and well, though following their tearful reunion in the rain, Dex remains off camera.

The emotional rescue mission helps Blake to realize how important his marriage to Cristal is to him, and the constantly embattled pair repair their relationship. Meanwhile, you can’t say the same for Alexis and Dominique’s relationship. The duo discovers that they will soon cohabitate in the same building in New York, thus continuing their frenemy rivalry.

What do Fallon and Liam name their baby?

The series finale opens with Fallon, Liam, and Stacy running drills at the hospital for the arrival of the baby. But Falliam’s daughter makes her arrival before Stacy’s planned induction date. The couple and their surrogate attempt to rush to the hospital with help from Culhane (throwback to when he was the Carringtons’ chauffeur!), but traffic forces them to have the baby at the manor.

Fallon announced the arrival of her and Liam’s daughter with the newborn in her arms. She introduces the baby as Lauren Morell Carrington, but Liam interjects that Lauren’s last name will actually be Ridley. The baby’s name is another nod to the original Dynasty, as Fallon’s daughter’s name was Lauren.

What does Fallon rename her company in Dynasty?

Once again, Fallon finds herself fighting to save Fallon Unlimited from being stolen out from under her, as Ellen works overtime to have the board kick Fallon out as CEO. All hope seems lost until the Carringtons come together to buy all the shares of the company, which is an exorbitant amount of money, thus saving Fallon Unlimited and making it a private, family-owned company.

In an effort to reflect the newfound unity of the Carrington family and to pave the way for their dynasty moving forward, Fallon renames the company Carrington United. It’s important to Fallon to prove herself as a businesswoman, not only to herself but as an example to Lauren. Surely, Carrington United will be a new, but still challenging, beginning for the family.

Dynasty season 5

Dynasty — “Catch 22” — Image Number: DYN522_0075r — Pictured (L – R): Maddison Brown as Kirby Anders and Eliza Bennett as Amanda Carrington — Photo: The CW — © 2022 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Do Kirby and Amanda end up together in Dynasty season 5?

When Amanda’s ex-girlfriend Florence shows up in the penultimate episode, fans wondered how the series would have the time to satisfyingly tell that story. Fear not, Dynasty presented Florence’s arrival as the final roadblock for Kirby and Amanda’s relationship.

Kirby assumes Florence shows up at the manor to win Amanda back, and she continues to believe so when she spies on them appearing to hold hands during a conversation. However, Florence came to offer Amanda her dream job in London, which leaves her conflicted about leaving Atlanta, her family, and most importantly Kirby behind.

Ultimately, Amanda chooses to take the job at Kirby’s urging. The fate of their relationship is left up in the air as Kirby doesn’t go to London with her and they don’t put forth plans for a long-distance relationship.

Six months later, Kirby and Amanda reunite at Culhane’s wedding and get back together (in spite of having a half-brother in common). Kirby plans to visit Amanda in London, perhaps moving there permanently.

How does Jeff save his tech in Dynasty season 5?

If you’re looking for a detailed explanation and foolproof clarity on what’s going on with Jeff’s business and tech, we’re all in the same confused boat. His material is in danger of being stolen, but Jeff opts to leak his work instead, which would allow others to work out the kinks. He could then use that head start to hire some of those advanced minds to work for him.

As luck would have it, Jeff’s ambitious plan works and six months later, he’s ecstatic with the state of his business. He’s set up a new headquarters in Nigeria, and he’s in full control of his own dynasty. Day one viewers will be thrilled to see Jeff get a happy ending with his empire thriving in a place and culture that’s so important to him.

What happens to Adam in Dynasty season 5?

Probably one of the most necessary things that needed to happen before Dynasty ended was Adam getting his dish served cold. Good things come to those who wait, because we finally earned the satisfying catharsis of watching Adam get his comeuppance from none other than Steven.

Once Steven removes his Graham mask, he confronts his brother for paying off a nurse to keep him in the institution, hiding letters from the family, and sending letters from “Steven” to secure the wedge in the Carrington family. Adam and Steven engage in one of the most epic fights in Dynasty history, but Steven stops short of killing Adam. Instead, he tells him to leave.

Adam ends up living in London (ironically where his sister Amanda now lives) under a new alias and works as a veterinarian. Somehow, this man continues to be able to practice medicine. As much as Adam deserved what was coming to him, it was sad not to see his very talented portrayer Sam Underwood not featured in the final shot of the cast.

What are the songs in the Dynasty series finale?

The first major song in the Dynasty series finale comes courtesy of Fallon and Steven, who share a much-needed and very emotional duet. It’s been a long time coming for these siblings to be reunited, and together they sing “The Twelfth of Never” by Johnny Mathis. Fallon and Steven sing the song with only piano, making the lyrics about how they will always love each other shine through.

If that music cue wasn’t emotional enough, the final scene of the series features the entire cast and Carrington extended family coming together for a group photo after Culhane and Nina’s wedding. The bittersweet 1992 hit “These Are Days” by 10,000 Maniacs sees Dynasty and its wonderfully flawed characters off into the sunset.

What did you think of the Dynasty series finale ending? Share your thoughts in the comments! Dynasty season 5 arrives on Netflix on Saturday, Sept. 24.

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