Does Wednesday Addams die in Wednesday on Netflix?

At long last, the newest story of the Addams Family continues with Wednesday on Netflix. Scream queen Jenna Ortega, best known for horror movies like X, Scream, and The Babysitter: Killer Queen, stars in the titular role, and the cast is certainly star-studded. The new series follows Wednesday as she moves away to attend Nevermore Academy, a school for outcasts and creatures. She’s not excited about making friends, but her interest is piqued when she learns there’s a killer on the loose. And she won’t stop until she solves the case.

Spoilers ahead for Wednesday on Netflix.

Along the way, Wednesday also deals with the usual teenage obstacles such as budding romances, school, and even friends. But her main priority throughout the series is finding out who or what is attacking people at school and in the town of Jericho. It’s a dangerous game she’s playing, but one that proves worth it in the end. Even if she comes close to death multiple times.

Wednesday discovers that she’s meant to stop the founding father of Jericho, Joseph Crackstone, and through her investigation, she learns how that comes to be and how this will stop the killer. She finds out through her visions that the boy she’s been getting close to, Tyler (Hunter Doohan), is actually a Hyde, the creature that has been attacking people alongside a human who tells it what to do.

As it’s revealed in the end, Ms. Thornhill (Christina Ricci) has been ordering Tyler around, making him act as her servant and turning him against the outcasts at Nevermore Academy. Her true identity is Laurel Gates, the sister of a former Nevermore student named Garrett who was killed years ago. In the final showdown at the Crackstone crypt in episode 8, Thornhill summons the ghost of Crackstone who appears to wreak havoc.

Does Wednesday Addams die?

Wednesday has a few near-death experiences in the Wednesday finale, but fortunately, she does not die. At least, not for good. In the crypt, Crackstone manages to stab Wednesday, believing she’s her ancestor Goody Addams, before telling her to burn in hell. Luckily for Wednesday, Goody appears in a vision and tells her she can bring her back to life. Her spirit enters Wednesday’s body and heals her, but sadly the only bad part is that Wednesday will never see Goody again.

Wednesday then leaves the crypt and ends up seeing Tyler in the woods where he starts morphing into a Hyde. He picks Wednesday ups and almost kills her before her roommate Enid (Emma Myers) shows up as a werewolf and fights him off. Fortunately, Wednesday is able to run away.

Over at Nevermore, Wednesday faces off against Crackstone again, while her friend Xavier (Percy Hynes White) appears with a bow and arrow and starts shooting him. In a surprising move, Crackstone is able to use magic to turn the arrow back around, going straight back at Xavier. Wednesday jumps in front of it and gets hit in the shoulder so she can save Xavier. She’s able to pull it out without being seriously wounded, and continues fighting off Crackstone. With the help of her classmate Bianca (Joy Sunday) who stabs Crackstone, Wednesday is then able to stab him with a sword through the heart, the only way to really kill him.

But now that Crackstone’s taken care of, there’s still Thornhill. She appears with a gun and points it at Wednesday, but bees start to swarm her and sting her, which were sent from Wednesday’s friend Eugene. That stops her and the students are able to escape.

In the end, the town loses a few good people, but fortunately Wednesday is not one of them. The season ends with the hope of a second season, so let’s hope the Netflix series gets renewed soon.

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