Does Tyler die in Wednesday on Netflix?

Netflix’s latest teen drama Wednesday is now streaming on Netflix and it’s definitely not one to miss. Looking for something fun for the whole family this Thanksgiving break? Look no further than this new take on the famous Addams Family. Jenna Ortega plays the leading role and she does an absolutely stellar job. Viewers young and old are going to become obsessed with this kooky and spooky family once again, I’m sure of it!

Focusing on the daughter of the Addams Family, Wednesday follows the titular character as she’s shipped off to boarding school at a place called Nevermore Academy. Her parents, Morticia and Gomez, both went there in their youth and are excited for Wednesday, even if she’s not. But she learns she has a greater purpose at the school for outcasts, and soon enough she enjoys her time there.

Spoilers ahead for Wednesday on Netflix.

The overarching mystery in Wednesday is figuring out who is responsible for the murders and attacks happening at Nevermore and the surrounding town, Jericho. Wednesday has many suspects, but it’s not until the penultimate episode that she finds out through a vision that her love interest, Tyler (Hunter Doohan), is the monster! As the two share their first kiss, she discovers Tyler is a creature called a Hyde who has been working with a human to attack students and townspeople. Talk about bad timing!

Though Tyler denies his involvement at first, his true identity is not kept a secret for long. As it’s revealed, he’s been working with one of the professors at Nevermore, Ms. Thornhill (Christina Ricci), who is actually a woman named Laurel Gates. Seeking her own revenge, Laurel enlisted Tyler and made him hate the outcasts because of the mistreatment his late mother faced at the school. Together, they’ve been attacking people left and right.

At one point in the finale, Wednesday is almost killed by Tyler while he’s a Hyde, but her werewolf roommate Enid (Emma Myers) fights him off. Tyler gets seriously wounded afterward and his father, Sheriff Donovan Galpin (Jamie McShane), shows up and comforts him. He’s in bad shape, and many might be wondering if he ends up dying in Wednesday.

Does Tyler survive in Wednesday?

Though it seems like Tyler does die because he’s not seen after he’s wounded out in the woods, it’s revealed by the end of the finale that he survives. Before the credits start to roll, we see Tyler being transported in what looks like an ambulance, and he’s not happy. It’s likely he’ll be saved and healed soon enough, at least by the second season of Wednesday. At this time, Wednesday has not been renewed for a second season, but the final moments of the show suggest there’s a lot more to the story that could be told.

All eight episodes of Wednesday are now streaming on Netflix.

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