Does the ferret die in The Watcher?

A new mystery-thriller series titled The Watcher is now streaming on Netflix. It follows a family who after moving into their dream home, begins receiving threatening letters from a mysterious stalker called “The Watcher.” While watching the series, you might start to have questions. Actually, a question we’re seeing being asked a lot revolves around a ferret.

Spoilers from The Watcher ahead!

We’re introduced to the ferret in episode 1. As the Brannock family moves into the 657 Boulevard house, Carter comes down the stairs carrying his pet ferret named Sprinkles. He asks Dean where the ferret’s leash is, and Dean replies that he doesn’t know. Then, Dean tells Carter not to let Sprinkles run all over the house because he doesn’t want them peeing everywhere. Later in the episode, we find out that Dean and Nora bought Carter the ferret to make him feel comfortable about moving into the new house.

Flash forward further into the episode, Sprinkles escapes from their cage and ventures around the house as the Brannocks are asleep. But then the ferret is snatched up by a person with black gloves. So, what happens to Sprinkles? Do they die?

Does the ferret die in The Watcher?

Sadly, Sprinkles does die. The next morning, Carter gets up and walks out of his room to find Sprinkles bleeding profusely from their head. Then, the Brannocks call the police to find out who broke into their home and killed Sprinkles. The detective tells them there’s nothing he can do because there’s no proof that someone broke in. He continues and says that all the doors were locked, and there were no signs of forced entry. By the end of the season, we never find out who killed Sprinkles.

The Watcher is now available to stream on Netflix.

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