Does Netflix have a free trial option for new users? (2022)

Netflix is a true streaming giant. The company currently houses popular shows produced by other networks and streamers, creates many popular original movies and series, and even occasionally swoops in and saves popular shows like Manifest!

Some notable shows streaming on Netflix now, other than Manifest, of course, are Grey’s Anatomy, Outlander, and Riverdale. If you haven’t checked out the platform and are wondering what to watch, we recommend Bridgerton, Shadow and Bone, and Squid Game.

Those recs don’t even scratch the surface! There are so many other productions to enjoy. So if you’re a new user and are unsure if the platform is worth subscribing to, you might wonder if Netflix has a free trial period. Most streamers offer free trials; is that the case for Netflix?

Does Netflix have a free trial?

While many streaming services offer a free trial option for users, usually running for one week, Netflix, unfortunately, does not have that option. You’ll need to pay if you’ve never tried the platform and want to watch a show or movie exclusive to the streamer.

The cheapest subscription plan is the newly added ad tier, basic with ads, for $6.99/month. But the one downfall to this is that not all of the shows and movies in Netflix’s catalog are included with the subscription due to licensing restrictions. Some productions not available are House of Cards, Peaky Blinders, and Sing 2.

The next, most-affordable option would be the basic plan for $9.99/month. This subscription allows one device at a time to be used and does not have ads. The other two plans Netflix offers are standard for $15.49/month and premium for $19.99/month. You can find a breakdown of all the plans and what they include on Netflix’s Help Center page.

Are you planning to subscribe to Netflix? Which plan will you choose? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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