Do Wednesday and Xavier end up together in Wednesday on Netflix?

Netflix has a brand-new show fit for the whole family with Wednesday, which just dropped all eight episodes today. The teen series follows the titular character (Jenna Ortega) after she’s shipped off to boarding school at a place called Nevermore Academy. Her new reality includes creatures like werewolves and sirens as her classmates, and once one of the students is murdered she decides to solve the mystery herself. But the hardest part of Wednesday’s transition isn’t monsters or death — it’s making friends and forming romances.

Wednesday is a super independent person who doesn’t like to get attached to people or things. She keeps her heart guarded and tends to creep others out. But at Nevermore, where everyone’s an outcast, she kind of fits in.

Spoilers ahead for Wednesday on Netflix.

Early on in the show, Wednesday is admired by a fellow student named Xavier (Percy Hynes White) who’s a psychic artist. Though Wednesday isn’t sure what to make of him at first, they definitely have a will-they, won’t-they thing going on and even form a love triangle with another guy vying for Wednesday’s heart, Tyler (Hunter Doohan). Tyler is a normie who lives in the town nearby, Jericho, working as a barista at a coffee shop Wednesday frequents.

Though it seems Wednesday favors Tyler over Xavier, that all changes when she finds out through a vision during their first kiss that Tyler isn’t who he says he is. He’s actually something called a Hyde and he can transform into a monster, with the name being a nod to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. As it turns out, he’s the one who’s been attacking students and townspeople, and Wednesday must take him down.

In the end, the Nevermore students help Wednesday in defeating Tyler, the ghost of a founding father named Joseph Crackstone, and a teacher called Ms. Thornhill who is actually evil.

In one scene, Xavier begins shooting a bow and arrow at Crackstone, but the pilgrim uses magic to turn the arrow around and shoot it back. Wednesday jumps in front of the arrow and gets hit, a sacrifice she makes to ensure Xavier is okay. Fortunately, she’s able to pull out the arrow and keep going, but Xavier definitely appreciates the grand gesture and brings it up later.

Who does Wednesday Addams end up with?

Wednesday doesn’t actually end up with anyone at the end of the show, not Tyler or Xavier. But, there’s definitely a heightened flirtationship between her and Xavier especially because she saved his life. After the students are saved from Crackstone and Thornhill, Nevermore closes down for the semester. As they say goodbye, Tyler gifts Wednesday her first cell phone so they can stay in touch while they’re both at home. Xavier asks if she’ll be back next semester, but Wednesday doesn’t answer.

If Wednesday is renewed for a second season, we hope Wednesday and Xavier’s relationship is explored further. But if they do start dating, it won’t be easy. Wednesday is still pretty much emotionally unavailable and she’ll have to work through some things before she’s ready to commit to a boyfriend. Plus, I’m sure she’ll have more important things to do like saving Nevermore once again.

While we wait for any news regarding the future of Wednesday, be sure to stream all eight episodes of the first season right now on Netflix.

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