Do Timmy and Eliza end up together?

In most workplace sitcoms, there’s always a will-they-or-won’t-they couple you find yourself rooting for to finally get together. Netflix’s new series Blockbuster already has us shipping Randall Park’s Timmy and Melissa Fumero‘s Eliza.

The new comedy series takes place in the last Blockbuster video store in not only the United State but the world. Cut from corporate ties, Timmy looks to keep the store afloat as the manager and new small business owner.

Of course, he’s flanked by a quirky group of employees to help keep the video store’s lights on in the age of streaming domination. Timmy has his long-time friend Eliza by his side, but he’s still holding a flame for her in spite of Eliza’s attempts to save her marriage.

Throughout the first season of Blockbuster on Netflix, Timmy and Eliza share moments that indicate that they could both potentially want more from their friendship. Does the pair act on their feelings and end up together? Let’s talk about the season’s ending!

Warning: Spoilers ahead from the first season of Blockbuster.

Do Timmy and Eliza end up together in Blockbuster on Netflix?

Technically, no. Timmy and Eliza don’t end up together in the first season of Blockbuster. They don’t confess their feelings for each other or kiss, but there’s plenty of romantic tension between the two that they actively choose to repress.

Eliza tries to make her marriage to her husband Aaron work, following a rough patch due to his infidelity. Meanwhile, Timmy dives right into the dating scene to distract himself from his crush on Eliza, which lands him a brief relationship with strip mall neighbor Lena.

In the season finale, Timmy and Eliza have shared their closest bonding moment yet, and it seems like they could be so close to getting together. But they are still involved with other people. During the looting, Lena essentially breaks up with Timmy after he slips and calls her Eliza.

Prior to Timmy and Lena’s split, Timmy had walked past the break room and spotted Aaron re-proposing to Eliza. However, he doesn’t stick around long enough to watch Eliza turn her husband down and admit she has feelings for someone else: Timmy.

Thankfully, Hannah caught the whole confession on Carlos’ camera and now knows the situation between the pair. Based on Hannah’s revelation in the season-ending cliffhanger, we need a second season! Just imagine the chaos this secret will cause in the store.

Do you hope to see Timmy and Eliza get together? Share your thoughts in the comments and make sure to watch Blockbuster only on Netflix.

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