Do the passengers ever make it to America in 1899?

Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar’s new Netflix series,1899, is now streaming. This show takes viewers on a journey filled with many twists and turns that concludes with an explosive ending. But I’m pretty sure everyone’s wondering if the passengers ever make it to the new continent. Well, we got the answer to this question and shared it right below!

1899 follows a steamship of multinational immigrants headed for New York from London. The passengers have hopes and dreams of starting new lives on the new continent. But their plans are thwarted when they come across the Prometheus, a ship that’s been missing for months. Immediately, strange things start happening on their ship once they step foot on the Prometheus.

Spoilers from 1899 ahead!

It all begins when Eyk (Andreas Pietschmann) receives a distress signal from a lost ship (Prometheus). He makes the tough decision to change the Kerberos course and set sail for the Prometheus. Of course, this delays the Kerberos’ initial journey to America and upsets many passengers. However, Eyk believed it wouldn’t take long to see if any passengers were still alive on the Prometheus. He planned to rescue any passengers still alive on the lost ship and then go back on their original route to America. However, this doesn’t end up happening because strange things start occurring on the Kerberos once they encounter the Prometheus.

While on the Prometheus, they find a young boy who doesn’t speak. After they bring the boy (Fflyn Edwards) over to the Kerberos, Eyk is still freaked out about finding his dead daughter’s ribbon on the Prometheus and doesn’t know how to proceed. Then, he receives a message from the ship company to sink the Prometheus. With this message, Eyk decides to attach the Prometheus to the Kerberos and go back to Europe. Once again, the trip to America is delayed. So, do the passengers ever make it to New York?

1899 on Netflix: Do the passengers on the Kerberos ever make it to America?

Nope! Why? Well, everything that happens on the Kerberos isn’t real. The passengers aren’t actually going anywhere because the ship itself isn’t real. It’s a part of a simulation that Maura and Daniel created to give them more time with their dying son, Elliot. And it’s not the first simulation that’s been done.

Daniel mentions to Maura in episode 7 that there have been dozens of simulations. Remember the shipyard filled with empty ships in episode 6? Those were a part of previous simulations. The Prometheus was a simulation that happened right before the Kerberos. Each simulation runs for eight days before restarting. After a simulation finishes, the passengers wake up on a new ship to start a new one. The passengers on the Kerberos were the same passengers on the Prometheus. So, the Kerberos never makes it to its destination (America) because it’s a part of a constructed simulation.

1899 is streaming on Netflix.

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