Do Simon and Wilhelm reunite?

Swedish series Young Royals has finally returned with its second season! Fans have been eager to find out what’s next for Wilhelm and Simon. Below we’ll dig into the end of Young Royals season 2 and where the new episodes leave us.

Major spoilers ahead for Young Royals season 2

After a dramatic season of romance and a love triangle, Wilhelm and Simon do find their way back together. Simon understandably needed time apart from Wilhelm after the sex tape fallout in season 1 and found himself in the company of a new love interest, Marcus. But even Marcus could see that Simon wasn’t over Wilhelm.

Do Simon and Wilhelm get back together in Young Royals season 2?

In the Young Royals season 2 finale, Simon and Wilhelm reunite in secret, with Simon finally telling Wilhelm that he loves him. Then Wilhelm steps up to the podium to deliver the Jubilee welcome speech and, in a shocking twist, instead tells the world that he was indeed a participant in the sex tape. Wilhelm no longer wants to hide who he is and he wants everyone to know that he loves Simon.

The season ends with the two sharing a tender look after the speech. While it’s sweet that the couple are on good terms again, it’s clear they’re going to have many obstacles ahead of them should the show get renewed. The look on Queen Kristina’s face says just about everything. It might not be smooth sailing from here, but at least Wilhelm and Simon can face the storm together this time.

What happens to August and Sara at the end of Young Royals season 2?

Sara tried to keep her relationship with August a secret throughout the second season, but things come to an explosive head when Simon and Wilhelm confront August at the shooting range.

Someone tipped August off that Simon planned to go to the cops about the tape and Wilhelm wants to know who. He points a gun at August and demands answers. Before things can take a turn for the worse, Felice and Sara show up and Sara admits that she was the one who warned August. She hoped that if she did, he might choose to confess himself. Sara believed him when he expressed remorse, despite it all being an obvious ruse.

Simon is devastated by his sister’s betrayal and Felice also turns on her. The plus side is that the altercation finally gives Sara a wake-up call. Even though she’s fallen in love with August, she still breaks things off with him. Will she be the one to turn him over to the police?

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