Do Lino and Amy end up together in From Scratch? (Spoilers)

If you’re looking for a new romantic drama to enjoy on Netflix, From Scratch should definitely be at the top of your list!

The new limited series from Netflix, tells a sweeping love story about a woman who finds love in the most unexpected of places while studying abroad in Italy. While she might have been there to further her education and chase her dreams of becoming an artist, she ends up leaving Italy with the love of her life but who exactly did that end up being?

In the first episode of the series, Amy meets two very charming suitors from two very different walks of life. There’s Lino, a charming chef who Amy bumps into on the street, and Giancarlo, a businessman she meets at a coffee shop with connections to the art world via his family’s gallery.

At first, Amy seems smitten with Giancarlo, but there seems to be a strong connection between her and Lino which likely will have you wondering who does Amy end up with?

Warning From Scratch spoilers ahead.

Do Amy and Lino end up together in From Scratch?

If you’re rooting for Lino and Amy from the moment the pair first meet in the premiere, you’re in luck as the pair indeed end up together. While Amy might at first be drawn to Giancarlo, their relationship proves to be nothing more than a flash in the pan. Instead, it’s Lino who Amy ends up falling in love with and the pair do end up together in the show.

The pair eventually get married and start a family, but their love story does not come without heartache.

Sadly, Lino is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and while he puts up a valiant fight, he ultimately loses his battle with the disease. So while the pair do end up together, their love story is a tragic one.

From Scratch is streaming now on Netflix.

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