Do Judy and Michelle end up together? (spoilers)

Dead to Me has finally returned with its third and final season. Dead to Me season 3 has plenty of surprising twists and shocking storylines in store for its final outing, but some fans will be honing in on the relationships. Will Jen and Ben make it work? What about Judy and Michelle?

Judy met Michelle in the show’s second season while caring for her mother, Flo, at the nursing home. They formed an instant connection, and their relationship was one of many high points in season 2. Even the reveal that Detective Perez and Michelle used to date wasn’t enough to stop their relationship. Plus, it helped that Linda Cardellini and Natalie Morales have great chemistry together.

But how does their journey end in the show’s last season?

Major spoilers ahead for Dead to Me season 3

Do Judy and Michelle end up together in Dead to Me season 3 on Netflix?

Sadly, no, not really. Judy and Michelle do reconcile early in the season after Judy visits Michelle’s mother, Flo, at the nursing home and breaks her out for a fun day of ice cream and margaritas. Michelle is initially upset, but it’s hard to stay mad at someone like Judy.

They spend the evening together, drinking and doing tarot card readings before sleeping together. That night, Judy tells Michelle about her cancer diagnosis, but Michelle feigns being asleep to avoid responding. The following day, Michelle returns to the house to apologize to Judy, admitting she heard her and just wasn’t sure how to respond.

Michelle promises Judy that she’s there for her if she needs anything, but we don’t see her again for the rest of the season. (MAJOR SPOILER!) Judy dies in the season finale, so she doesn’t get her happy ending with Michelle.

What happens to Michelle in Dead to Me?

We can assume that Michelle will follow through on her plans to move to Sonoma and open her own restaurant.

What did you think of Dead to Me season 3? Are you bummed that Judy and Michelle didn’t end up together? Dead to Me season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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