Do Jen and Ben end up together in Dead to Me season 3? (spoilers)

Dead to Me season 3 made its long-awaited premiered on Netflix on Nov. 17 and brought with it the answers to so many of our burning questions. The third and final season brings Jen and Judy’s winding journey to an end, and that includes romantic entanglements.

In Dead to Me season 3, Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) recover from the hit-and-run car accident in the hospital, which later drops unexpected news for the inseparable pair. But they still have to worry about the FBI investigating into Steve’s death. Yikes!

Even though we know Ben (James Marsden) was responsible for the hit and run, Jen and Judy aren’t privy to that information, which puts a strain on their relationship with Steve’s twin brother. Ben feels guilty for hitting them and even guiltier for having mutual feelings for Jen.

Are the star-crossed pair able to settle their monumental differences in Dead to Me season 3, or are the hurtles far too insurmountable? Here’s what happens for Jen and Ben in the third and final season of the hit series.

Warning: Spoilers ahead from Dead to Me season 3!

Does Jen end up with Ben in Dead to Me season 3?

Eventually (and inevitably), Ben confesses the truth about the hit and run to Jen and Judy, but because of the weight of the secret they’re keeping from them, they pretty much sweep it under the rug. The feelings between Jen and Ben linger and the guilt remains.

Although Jen does have strong feelings for Ben, and they sleep together in season 3, she decides not to pursue something with him due to the fact that she killed his brother. Also, she’s concentrated on Judy’s cancer treatment and, you know, the ongoing FBI investigation.

In the end, Jen opens herself up to a relationship with Ben after Judy’s death. She may have killed Steve, but she loves Ben and they’re starting a family together. Jen’s pregnancy with their daughter, Joey, was a huge surprise and an impetus for the pair to get together.

However, in the closing scene of the series, Jen revels in her newfound peace. Ben plays in the pool with Charlie and Henry as she sits poolside with Joey. The pang of guilt returns and she later tells Ben she needs to tell him something. As it fades to black, we can only imagine what happens next, not only in the conversation but in their relationship.

What did you think of Jen and Ben’s relationship in Dead to Me season 3? Share your thoughts in the comments, and watch all three seasons only on Netflix.

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