Do Dark and 1899 take place in the same universe?

Ever since it was announced that Netflix would once again be teaming up with Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, the creators behind their breakout German series Dark, fans have been wondering just how connected Dark will be to their new series 1899.

Given that 1899 has been advertised as another mind-bending mystery series with science fiction elements, it’s perfectly understandable why people might believe the two shows are somehow linked. However, although the shows have tonal similarities, the plot and overall themes are quite different.

While Dark began as a story about a missing child that unlocked a mystery spanning decades, 1899 follows a group of migrants headed toward America on a steamship. But none of the passengers are who they initially appear to be, and when they find a lost ship at sea, strange and frightening things begin happening to them.

Do Dark and 1899 take place in the same universe?

While chatting with The Hollywood Reporter, Odar and Friese confirmed that the two shows are not related. You won’t see any characters from Dark appearing in the new series.

One bad idea we’ve definitely said is not going to happen is that 1899 is related to Dark. We get that question a lot. So for all the fans out there: Sorry, there won’t be any characters from Dark suddenly appearing on the ship.

Is 1899 as confusing as Dark?

If you thought Dark was confusing, there is a chance you might struggle with 1899. The first season has a lot of different elements going on, but it’s not necessarily hard to follow. However, as mentioned in The Hollywood Reporter interview, Dark wasn’t super confusing in season 1. It didn’t become more complex until the later seasons.

Audience members who enjoy puzzles will appreciate 1899, but the show could become more daunting if it continues for more than one season.

We really try to be very true to our core audience, which just loves puzzles but also knows every code and every cultural reference. They are very good at putting pieces together. We really want it to be a great experience for them and not make it too easy. If you’re in that core group, and you’ve figured it out, you should be proud of yourself, it’s an awesome experience.

Bo Odar added, “We already have ideas for a second and third season on 1899, and it gets complicated,” essentially confirming that the show might get more confusing as it goes on.

Will 1899 feature time travel?

Time travel and parallel dimensions were a significant part of the mystery in Dark, but don’t worry about 1899 being a repeat of the other series.

During an interview with Deadline last year, bo Odar clarified that the new show would take him and Friese back to their “mystery roots,” and they don’t plan on repeating themselves.

“We don’t repeat ourselves, we really hate that, but it’s going to be a fun puzzle for the audience. We are going back to our mystery roots.”

1899 releases on Thursday, November 17, on Netflix. Add the series to your watchlist right here.

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