Do Brenda and her family survive?

End of the Road is Netflix’s latest thriller. Starring Queen Latifah and Ludacris, the film follows a family targeted by a killer while driving through the New Mexico desert on their way to starting a new life in Texas.

Major spoilers ahead for End of the Road

Recently widowed, Brenda decides to move her family to Texas after her husband and kid’s father tragically passes away from cancer. Seeking a fresh start, she hopes the trip can bring her family closer together. Unfortunately, they run into all kinds of trouble along the way.

End of the Road ending explained: Who is Mr. Cross?

It probably won’t come as a surprise to learn that the secret crime boss “Mr. Cross” is actually the sheriff played by Beau Bridges. You can see the twist coming from a mile away. While Brenda is fighting white supremacists for the bag of money stolen from the motel, Cross takes Kelly and Reggie to his house, revealing he had Cam tied up in his trunk the entire time.

End of the Road ending explained: What happens to the Freeman family?

Luckily for the Freeman family, End of the Road has a happy ending. The family manages to escape from Cross and his wife and a showdown in the woods ends with Brenda using a stick of dynamite to blow Cross and his wife sky-high. They both get a suitably bloody and violent death scene.

End of the Road ending explained: What happens to the money?

At the movie’s end, the Freemans recuperate at a diner, and Reggie reveals that he, once again, stole the drug money. This time, though, no one will come after the cash since Cross is dead now. So the Freemans are officially getting their fresh start, and ultimately Brenda comes around to using the stolen cash.

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