Do Agatha and Tedros end up together?

Another great fantasy film has dropped on Netflix called The School for Good and Evil. It tells the tale of two close friends as they navigate their way through a magical school for fairytale heroes and villains, and find themselves on opposing sides of the epic battle between good and evil.

As expected of a film centering around the fairy tale world, love blossoms between some of the main characters. Yes, we’re talking about a romance between Agatha and Tedros. However, they don’t romantically like each other at first. It’s somewhat of an enemies-to-friends-to-lovers situation. But do they end up together? Find out below!

Spoilers ahead from The School for Good and Evil.

When Agatha and Sophie are dropped off at the enchanted school, Sophie is dropped into the School for Evil and Agatha at the School for Good. Remember, Sophie wanted to attend the School for Good and Agatha didn’t want to go to the school at all. While Sophie spends her time trying to find a way to switch schools, Agatha does whatever she can to support her friend while also trying to convince her to leave the school.

Eventually, Sophie and Agatha discover that the way to get Sophie transferred into the School for Good is for Sophie to win true love’s kiss. Sophie is convinced that her true love is Tedros and that she must kiss him to make her wish come true. Then, Sophie and Agatha devise a plan to get Tedros to kiss her. But as Agatha gets to know Tedros more while helping Sophie, she starts to develop feelings for him.

We first notice that Agatha has started to develop romantic feelings for Tedros during the power activation ceremony when they share an intimate moment. During the ceremony, Agatha trips and Tedros catches her before she can fall. They stare deeply into each other’s eyes, and it’s evident that they like each other. The other moment is when Agatha watches Tedros teach Sophie how to shoot an arrow. Much later in the film, Tedros confesses his love to Agatha, but she’s unable to say anything back because she’s focused on saving Sophie. Still, there’s an obvious love connection between the two. So, do they end up together?

Do Agatha and Tedros end up together in The School for Good and Evil?

Sadly, Agatha and Tedros do not end up together. After Agatha defeats Rafal with Excalibur and awakens Sophie with true love’s kiss, she has to make the decision of either returning home to Gavaldon with Sophie or staying at the enchanted school.

As they stand in front of the portal back to Gavaldon, Sophie tells Agatha to stay at the School for Good and Evil if she wants to be with Tedros and that she’ll watch over her mom. Agatha thanks Sophie and then walks over to Tedros. She kisses him leading us to believe that she’s going to stay, but she ends up telling him that she can’t leave her friend. Her last words to Tedros are that she hopes to see him again someday. Then, she and Sophie walk hand in hand through the portal. Tedros yells for Agatha to wait, but she continues on.

But have we seen the last of Agatha and Tedros? Well, it all depends on if Netflix hands out a sequel. Agatha and Tedros obviously wanted to be with each other. The last scene of the film shows Tedros’s arrow piercing the vortex between the real world and the fairy tale world, with Tedros’s voice echoing that he needs Agatha. Since an arrow from the fairy tale world made it into the real world, this could mean that Tedros can enter the real world. The creators chose to end the film this way because they’re hoping for the chance to create a sequel.

The School for Good and Evil is based on a book, which is a part of a book series consisting of six books. So, there’s plenty of story left to tell if Netflix would allow it. We’ll just have to wait and see what the streamer decides.

The School for Good and Evil is available to stream on Netflix.

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