Do 1899 and Dark take place in the same universe?

Your newest Netflix addiction is here. 1899 is a dark and enthralling mystery series from Dark creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar. The German duo is back with another puzzle-box show that is sure to keep you guessing from beginning to end.

Since the series is made by the same people who created Dark and the two series are in the same genre, viewers might be curious if they are connected or exist in the same universe. One thing we do know for sure is that 1899 will not retread the same story beats as its predecessor. Friese and bo Odar have already confirmed that they don’t like to “repeat” themselves, so don’t expect another time-traveling story in their new show.

That’s not the only difference between the two since 1899 is set on a steamship carrying European migrants to America just before the turn of the century, while Dark is about a disappearance that unlocks a generation-spanning mystery.

As for whether the two are connected, here’s what we know.

Do 1899 and Dark take place in the same universe?

No, 1899 and Dark do not share any connections. While chatting with The Hollywood Reporter, bo Odar and Friese confirmed that the series are unrelated.

One bad idea we’ve definitely said is not going to happen is that 1899 is related to Dark. We get that question a lot. So for all the fans out there: Sorry, there won’t be any characters from Dark suddenly appearing on the ship.

Is 1899 as confusing as Dark?

According to the show’s creators, 1899 is about on par with Dark regarding the level of confusion. However, you shouldn’t struggle too much to follow along in the first season because while there are many puzzles and mysteries, the show is mostly linear in terms of storytelling.

That said, bo Odar mentions that Dark season 1 was also similar in terms of complexity and did not start becoming complicated until later seasons, which is something we might see play out with 1899, too, should the show receive additional seasons.

Here’s what bo Odar said on the matter to The Hollywood Reporter:

But let’s not forget that Dark was three seasons. If you just compare the first season of Dark with the first season of 1899, I think they’re similarly complex. Dark only really got complicated in seasons two and three. The first season is actually very simple: It’s a small town, with kids disappearing, and then there’s some time travel events in the cave. Michael (Sebastian Rudolph) is Michael. It’s very simple. But everyone now has seen all three seasons, and it gets really complicated. We already have ideas for a second and third season on 1899, and it gets complicated.

1899 and Dark are now streaming on Netflix.

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