Dead to Me season 3 is coming to Netflix in November 2022

Are you ready to say goodbye to Netflix’s Dead to Me? We aren’t, but we know the day is approaching. The streamer has revealed that Dead to Me season 3 will be released in November 2022. Of course, we’re over the moon about this news, but it’s bittersweet at the same time.

Dead to Me is easily one of the best drama series streaming on Netflix, and it has the Emmy nominations to back it up. Two seasons have been released so far, and fans have been patiently waiting for the third and final season to make its way to Netflix.

Unfortunately, the show experienced delays in production on the third season due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Christina Applegate’s multiple sclerosis diagnosis. But once things got back on track, it was smooth sailing from then on. Production officially wrapped on April 25, with Dead to Me series creator Liz Feldman commemorating the day with an Instagram post. Within the post, Feldman also mentioned that post-production was underway.

Then, in May, the streamer announced that Dead to Me season 3 would be coming to Netflix in fall 2022. However, this meant the third season could land on Netflix anywhere between Sept. 23 and Dec. 21. We needed a more specific date. Well, it looks like Netflix heard our prayers because they announced that Dead to Me season 3 is coming this November.

When is Dead to Me season 3 coming to Netflix?

On the Netflix TUDUM official website, the streamer released a list of upcoming TV show releases for fall 2022. There are tons of highly anticipated shows in the lineup, including Dead to Me season 3, Cobra Kai season 5, Fate: The Winx Saga season 2, Love is Blind season 3, The Midnight ClubFrom ScratchWednesday and many others. However, not all shows on the list were given official release dates. Sadly, Dead to Me season 3 was one of those shows.

The drama series was only given a release month of November. Of course, we’re glad that we now know the release month for the third season, but we still need the day. There are 30 days in November, and it would be a huge bummer if the show were given a late November release. Naturally, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for an early November release. We’ll even be happy with a mid-November release. Honestly, we hope for anything but a late release in November. But I guess we’ll have to take what we can get.

You can count on us at Netflix Life to share the Dead to Me season 3 official release date once Netflix announces it!

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