Dated and Related’s Nina Parsijani age, Instagram, TikTok, job

Get ready because Netflix’s newest dating series premieres in just a few days! Dated and Related will surely be the Netflix original series everyone’s talking about once it comes out on Sept. 2. It follows hopeful singles and their siblings as they compete in a dating competition to find their soulmates. We’re introduced to several sibling duos and one of those duos includes a contestant named Nina Parsijani.

Nina Parsijani joins the dating show with her twin sister Diana Parsijani. While Diana falls head over heels easily, Nina is considered an ice queen and too picky. She’s very distrustful of men but is rarely single. Hopefully, Nina meets someone in the villa she can trust and who understands her.

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Nina Parsijani age

Nina is 29 years old and from Iran and Norway. She currently resides in London, U.K. In addition, she has long black hair and brown eyes.

Nina Parsijani Instagram

Of course, you can expect this stunning woman to have an Instagram account. She shares her Instagram with her twin sister. As of Aug. 30, the account has 16k followers and 93 posts. You’ll find tons of breathtaking photos of Nina and her sister on the page. The sibling duo sure knows how to take good selfies!

Nina Parsijani TikTok

Nina also shares a TikTok account with her sister. You’ll find several funny videos on the page featuring Nina and Diana. The page has over 2k followers and that number will only increase when Dated and Related comes out. Don’t miss out on any more TikToks from the Parsijanis. Go ahead and give them a follow!

Nina Parsijani job

Like her twin sister, Nina works as a jewelry specialist. She might also be a gamer if her Instagram bio is anything to go by.

Be sure to check out Dated and Related when it arrives on Netflix on Sept. 2!

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