Dated and Related’s Diana Parsijani age, Instagram, TikTok, job

The dating series Dated and Related lands on Netflix on Sept. 2. It’s a show that follows several sibling duos living together in an exclusive beachside villa in the South of France. The pairs of siblings compete in a series of challenges and go on double dates with other sibling duos to find their perfect match. And like most Netflix reality series, there’s a cash prize for the winning duo. One of the contestants introduced is named Diana Parsijani.

Diana Parsijani enters the dating show with her twin sister Nina Parsijani. Diana has a flamboyant personality but often falls in love quickly. She and her sister are both looking for trustworthy partners and are hoping they will meet them on the show. After looking at the official trailer, it looks like Diana doesn’t have a hard time at all finding someone who interests her.

Read on to find out more about Diana Parsijani!

Diana Parsijani age

Diana is 29 years old and from Norway and Iran. However, she currently lives in London, U.K. with her twin sister.

Diana Parsijani Instagram

Diana shares an Instagram account with her twin sister. You can find her on Instagram at @ninaxdiana. At the time of writing, the shared account has 16k followers and 93 posts. Of course, the follower count will increase expeditiously once Dated and Related comes out. You’ll mostly find individual selfies of Diana or her sister and full-body photos on the page. Like Kieran Bishop and Kaz Bishop, the Parsijanis definitely have a great fashion sense.

Diana Parsijani TikTok

Diana and Nina also share a TikTok account. They have over 2k followers and many funny videos on their page. If you want to see Diana’s goofy side, you should check out her TikToks with her sister.

Diana Parsijani job

Her occupation is jewelry specialist. She’s also a gamer, according to her Instagram bio.

You can catch Diana Parsijani in Dated and Related coming to Netflix on Sept. 2.

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