Dated and Related’s Daniel Perfetto age, Instagram, TikTok, height, job

We’re so close to the release of Dated and Related on Netflix. In the meantime, we’ve decided to get to know the cast. We learned everything there is to know about contestants Kaz Bishop, Diana Parsijani, Joey Roppo, Kieran Bishop, Corrina Roppo, and Nina Parsijani. Now it’s time to get to know one of the contestants who enters the competition a little later. We’re talking about Daniel Perfetto.

Daniel Perfetto joins the dating game with his younger sister, Julia Perfetto. They enter the competition just when relationships are developing in the villa. Obviously, these gorgeous siblings will cause quite a stir once they meet the rest of the contestants. But who will they form genuine connections with in the villa? Find out by watching Dated and Related when it lands on Netflix on Sept. 2!

Below, you’ll find all the important details about Daniel Perfetto, like his age, Instagram, height, and so much more!

Daniel Perfetto age

Daniel is 25 years old and from Ontario, Canada.

Daniel Perfetto Instagram

Of course, this swoon-worthy man has an Instagram account. You can find him at the Instagram handle @danielperfetto_. At the time of writing, he has 1,413 followers and 15 posts. Like his fellow Dated and Related cast members, Daniel will likely see a significant bump in his follower count once the show drops. If you scroll through Daniel’s page, you’ll quickly realize that he likes to show off his muscular body. He definitely knows how to get the ladies swooning! However, he also posts photos of friends, family, and places he’s traveled.

Daniel Perfetto TikTok

Daniel also has a TikTok account, but he isn’t active. He has 20 followers but doesn’t have any content posted on his page yet. Hopefully, he will begin posting once Dated and Related is released. I’m pretty sure people will want to see more of him once they see him in the dating series.

Daniel Perfetto height

Daniel reportedly stands at 6 feet 2.5 inches. He also has brown curly hair and greenish grey eyes.

Daniel Perfetto job

As mentioned in Daniel’s bio provided by Netflix, he works as a Client care specialist.

Make sure to check out Dated and Related when it arrives on Netflix on Sept. 2!

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