Dated and Related’s Alara Taneri age, Instagram, TikTok, job

We’re so excited to meet all the contestants in the Netflix dating series Dated and Related. On Sept. 2, the new original series will be released, and viewers will watch pairs of siblings travel to a glamorous villa in the South of France to compete in a dating game in hopes of finding love. One of the contestants introduced this season is named Alara Taneri.

Alara Taneri enters the dating competition with her older brother, Ceylan Taneri. They might be siblings, but they’re also best friends. Alara is very easy on the eyes, so she’s had her fair share of guys falling for her charm. But she can’t seem to find “the one.” Fingers crossed, Alara meets someone in the villa who will sweep her off her feet.

Here’s everything else you’d possibly want to know about Alara Taneri below!

Alara Taneri age

Alara is believed to have been born on Feb. 12, 1999, making her 23 years old. She’s also from London, U.K./Cyprus. Lastly, she has long black hair and brown eyes.

Alara Taneri Instagram

You can find this beauty on Instagram at @alarataneri. Like her fellow Dated and Related cast mates, Alara has great fashion sense. While scrolling through her page, you’ll find tons of photos of Alara dressed in some pretty rad outfits. Her page mainly consists of full-body photos and selfies. She also posts photos and videos on her Instagram story when she goes on vacation. If you want to keep up with Alara, we recommend following her Instagram.

Alara Taneri TikTok

Alara can be found on TikTok at the handle @alarataneri. As of Aug. 31, Alara has 35 followers and 8 videos. She mostly posts TikToks with her friends and brother. Most of her videos are funny and relatable. Alara’s follower count will increase considerably once people watch her in Dated and Related and she starts posting more on TikTok.

Alara Taneri job

According to Alara’s Dated and Related bio, she is a Fashion design student. However, after looking through her Instagram page, it seems that she may have graduated already. Her Instagram bio even says, “Fashion designer.” So our guess is that she’s a professional Fashion designer. Now it makes sense why she has such a good sense of style.

Meet Alara Taneri in Dated and Related, coming to Netflix on Sept. 2.

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