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We’re just days away from the release of Dated and Related and we’re looking forward to seeing all the lucky singles on their quest for love. But this isn’t your typical dating game. Dated and Related follows pairs of siblings (and one cousin duo) as they help each other search for their soulmates. And it wouldn’t be a competition without a grand prize for the winning family. The sibling duo who wins the game gets a $100,000 cash prize. One of the contestants we meet is named Kaz Bishop.

Kaz Bishop enters the competition with his twin brother, Kieran Bishop. Although they don’t share the same features, they are classed as identical twins. While Kiernan is more of the hopeless romantic, Kaz is a player who needs to settle down. It’ll be interesting to see who Kaz connects with in the Netflix series.

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Kaz Bishop age

Kaz was born on Oct. 11, 1990. He is 31 years old and from Essex, U.K.

Kaz Bishop Instagram

He can be found on Instagram at the handle @kazbishop_. As of Aug. 30, Kaz has 3,647 followers and 27 posts. His page consists of selfies, full body photos, and photos of friends and family. Although his following might not be that big, he’ll likely see a significant increase as we get closer to Dated and Related‘s release and after it premieres.

Kaz Bishop TikTok

Kaz’s TikTok page is @kazbishop_. He has over 500 followers and over 2k likes. He mostly posts funny TikToks with his friends and family. His most recent TikTok is the Dated and Related official trailer. So if you want to get an idea of Kaz’s personality, following his TikTok is the way to go.

Kaz Bishop height

As reported by Celebs Week, Kaz stands at 6 feet 1 inch tall. He also has black hair and cat-like brown eyes.

Kaz Bishop job

According to Kaz’s bio provided by Netflix, his occupation is a firefighter. I’m pretty sure the female contestants will swoon once they find out this piece of information.

Dated and Related arrives on Netflix on Sept. 2.

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