Cyberpunk: Edgerunners spoilers: Does David Martinez die?

In more ways than one, audiences relate to David Martinez, the protagonist of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

David is a boy who was, unfortunately, born into a life where he had to pull himself up by his bootstraps to survive. His tough life turned him into a person who was angry at the world, angry at the system, and angry at the many people who made it their mission to remind him of his lower status. Even so, David continued to be a kind and caring person who always looked out for others, especially those who desperately needed protection.

With a character this multidimensional, it’s no surprise why many anime fans got super attached to this thrill-seeking teenager, rooting for him every step of the way despite his flaws. However, in a society where people as epic as David die as quick as they came, are fans in for a happy ending? Or did this shooting star burn too bright?

For those who couldn’t finish Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, here’s what to know about David Martinez’s fate.

Is David Martinez dead or alive?

Although he fought long and hard against his looming cyber-psychosis, in the end, David Martinez couldn’t shake his sorrowful fate. As he predicted, he died as he lived—guns blazing.

David’s end came about because of his unrelenting obsession with upgrading his body and pushing himself to the limits. Initially, he wasn’t always this way. He believed he was just an ordinary guy bound to become a loser who no one remembered. However, after tech legend Jimmy Kurosaki informed him that he was a special person, David became prideful, believing that his uniqueness made him unbeatable.

After witnessing the deaths of his mother and his mentor, Maine, the cybertech-obsessed teen went on to overload his body with modifications to numb his pain. From his arms of steel to his feet of fire, David became a human weapon used as a pawn to destroy his boss’s enemies. As the number of bodies he slayed increased, so did his descent into cyberpsychosis. His lover, Lucy, did all she could to prevent him from going over the edge. Sadly, she was too late.

In his final moments, David could only be taken down by Adam Smasher, a fellow cyber-obsessed war machine with as many weapons in his body as David, if not more. The two fought with an intensity that prevented anyone, even Lucy, from interfering. David put up a good fight despite the countless blows injuring him detrimentally. But in the end, Adam Smasher was a behemoth who destroyed him with little to no issue.

In a lot of ways, David Martinez was just like Icarus. Maybe he could’ve avoided flying directly into the sun if he cherished the light right in front of him. Perhaps his story will continue. Perhaps not. Either way, we’re glad to have met a character as remarkable as David Martinez.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is streaming right now only on Netflix.

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