Christmas with You’s Deja Monique Cruz (Cristina) age, height, Instagram

Christmas with You, Netflix’s latest festive rom-com, stars some pretty famous faces and up-and-comers, including Deja Monique Cruz.

The holiday movie, directed by Gabriela Tagliavini, follows a runaway pop star who escapes to a small town where she seeks inspiration for a new song but ends up finding much, much more. The official synopsis, provided by Netflix’s Media Center, for the movie reads:

“Feeling career burn out, pop star Angelina escapes to grant a young fan’s wish in small town New York, where she not only finds the inspiration to revitalize her career but also a shot at true love.”

If you’re curious about the cast, or just wanted to get to know them a little better, dive into our full report on the Cristina actress. Find out the main details and what else Deja Monique Cruz has starred in below!

Deja Monique Cruz age

As of late 2022, the actress is 23 years old. According to Filmi Feed, the actress’ birthday falls on February 17, 1999, so she will be turning 24 in the new year.

Deja Monique Cruz height

The up-and-coming actress has listed her height as 5 ft and 5 inches tall on IMDb.

Deja Monique Cruz Instagram

If you were looking to give the actress a follow on social media, you can find the 23-year-old actress under the Instagram handle @dejamoniquecruz. The Cristina actress has plenty of content for your to devour. From holiday pics, family gatherings, work events, and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, you’ll find hours of pictures and videos to go through!

Deja Monique Cruz roles

Wondering where else you might recognize Deja Monique Cruz from? Well, wonder no more! We have all the details on her past roles below. According to IMDb, the actress has starred in six projects so far, and has another three on the way, beginning her career in 2018.

Some of the shows and movies she’s starred in include:

  • Manifest Evil (2022)
  • Foley Marra Studios Presents (2020)
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2019)
  • Goals (2018)
  • Papi Chulo (2018)

The three projects due to be released in 2023 are titled:

  • The Quest for Tom Sawyer’s Gold
  • The Crossover
  • Shremps

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