Check out exciting Outer Banks season 3 teaser (and 2023 release confirmed!)

We finally have a new update on Outer Banks season 3! During Netflix’s TUDUM event, an exciting teaser for the highly anticipated third season was released, along with special appearances from some of the cast.

I might sound like a broken record, but Outer Banks is easily one of the best teen series streaming on Netflix. Actually, it’s one of the best Netflix originals, in my opinion. The first two seasons pulled in tons of viewers, and we’re expecting Outer Banks season 3 to fare just as well when it premieres.

The story begins with a teen boy named John B who enlists the help of his close friends to embark on a high-stakes treasure hunt while also trying to find out what really happened to his presumed dead father. In season 2, the Pogues find themselves in more trouble while attempting to locate and retrieve the lost Cross of Santo Domingo. Then, in the last moments of the second season, we find out that John B’s father is actually alive! Shocking, right? And we can’t forget that the Pogues were left stranded on a deserted island. It’ll definitely be interesting to see where the story takes us when Outer Banks returns.

Fortunately, Netflix has dropped the first teaser for Outer Banks season 3, which gives us a sneak peek of what’s to come and a release year!

Watch the new Outer Banks season 3 teaser

In the new teaser, we see the Pogues try to figure out how to live on the deserted island while drama is going on back in the Outer Banks and everywhere else. But, it also looks like they won’t be trapped on the island for too long. Rafe is shown in an intense fight with a mystery person, Carla Limbrey seems nervous about something, and Ward is screaming while he holds someone that looks to be dying.

Check out the exciting teaser below!

Can Outer Banks season 3 get here already? Well, it looks like it’ll be a while before we see our favorite group of friends because Netflix has revealed that the highly anticipated third season will arrive sometime in 2023. When in 2023? We’d like to know!

We’ll be sure to update you when Netflix announces the official release date for Outer Banks season 3. So, stay tuned to Netflix Life!

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