Blood Origin is not coming in September 2022

If you love the world of The Witcher, you’ll be excited to see The Witcher: Blood Origin arrive on Netflix. When is that going to happen?

We are certainly ready to see the origin story for Geralt of Rivia’s world. The Witcher: Blood Origins promises a great storyline with new characters all in a world we’ve already come to know and love. However, there is some bad news. It’s still not yet coming to Netflix.

This delay is disappointing. After all, we know that filming initially wrapped in September 2021. What is with the delay? We actually have a lot of bad news about Blood Origins.

When will The Witcher: Blood Origins come to Netflix?

We’re still expecting to see The Witcher: Blood Origins arrive on Netflix in December 2022. While filming did initially wrap in September of last year, the show returned for reshoots in March of this year. This is standard with big-budget shows to make sure everything looks just right.

This is where the bad news comes. These reshoots led to the six-episode series being cut down to just four episodes, according to Collider. That’s not the news we wanted to hear considering even six episodes felt a little too short for such an intricate world.

The first and last episodes will remain as planned. The middle two episodes will be a merger of the four initial middle episodes. This means directorial credits are being combined for the episodes.

However, there is a plan to bring us more Jaskier to the story. He’ll introduce the episodes to give us an idea as to where we are in the story compared to The Witcher. The reshoots and merging of the episodes also helps to keep the origin tale more closely linked to the original series. I guess only time will tell if it’s actually going to pay off.

Stay tuned for the latest updates on The Witcher: Blood Origin on Netflix.

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