Bling Empire star Kelly Mi Li is pregnant with her first child

Bling Empire star Kelly Mi Li has shared some exciting news with her fans: she’s pregnant with her first child! The reality star is expecting her first baby with her boyfriend, reveals People.

For those who have been keeping up with Bling Empire, the news might come as something of a surprise as the show’s third season didn’t reveal much about Mi Li’s new relationship. Since breaking up with her boyfriend of five years, Andrew Gray, Mi Li has been relatively low-key about her dating life.

In Bling Empire season 2, her friend and co-star Kane Lim set up a dating profile for her and helped set her up on a date, but it didn’t pan out. I think she can do much better than a guy who wouldn’t even pay for her ramen on the first date, and luckily, it looks like she has found a much better match.

Funnily enough, they weren’t planning on getting pregnant until the end of the year, but they purchased a bunch of ovulation tests to start planning, and it all happened faster than they anticipated.

You can see the star’s adorable post announcing her pregnancy on Instagram right here.

Who is Kelly Mi Li’s current boyfriend?

Mi Li has not publicly introduced the world to her boyfriend yet, but they have been together for more than one year. While speaking to People, the entrepreneur revealed that they had actually already been together for a year by the time the show’s third season finally came out.

“When we filmed the season, it takes a while to come out. So it’s funny when the season came out, we actually already celebrated our anniversary, our one-year anniversary.”

Mi Li told People that she and her boyfriend had discussed having children, but they were still surprised when she found out she was pregnant.

“When we found out, it was actually kind of shocking. He lives in San Francisco, I live in L.A., so when my period didn’t come, the monthly visit didn’t come. So we went and got Clearblue, the pregnancy test,” Mi Li revealed.

Apparently, one of her only clues was that she was craving lots of sweets in addition to spicy food!

And, as those who watch the show know, Mi Li’s mother is over the moon about the happy news as she’s been really wanting to be a grandmother. If you check out the Instagram link above, you can watch the video of her mom’s reaction, and it’s just as sweet as you’d expect.

All three seasons of Bling Empire are streaming on Netflix right now, and a spinoff series is on the way!

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