Are there any Lifetime Christmas movies on Netflix?

It’s time to deck the halls and go Christmas shopping because the holiday season has officially arrived, and many are prepared to watch as many festive films as possible. The Hallmark Channel is famous for playing 24/7 Christmas movies this time of year, but did you know there are plenty of fantastic Lifetimes Christmas movies, too?

In the past, you used to be able to watch quite a few different Lifetime movies on Netflix, but unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore. There aren’t any Lifetime Christmas movies streaming on Netflix right now.

The main reason is that Lifetime has a streaming service called the Lifetime Movie Club, which encourages viewers to sign-up to watch unlimited Lifetime content. Amazon Prime Video also offers a Lifetime Movie Club add-on channel for $4.99/month, and some Lifetime films are available in the Prime Video catalog for no extra charge.

Lifetime Christmas movies in 2022

Even though there aren’t any Lifetime Christmas movies on Netflix this holiday season, plenty of new Lifetime movies are being released throughout November and December. We previously covered the release of Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin’s new film Merry Swissmas, which, while not on Netflix, is still an endearing movie worth watching on Lifetime Movie Club.

Lifetime has tons of Christmas movies releasing this year, and the official website also has a catalog containing many of their older movies. Some don’t require any sign-up, so you can watch for free (with ads) without needing a Lifetime Club or cable subscription.

For the 2022 season, Lifetime started releasing new Christmas movies on November 5 and will continue to release them weekly until December 18. This year’s lineup features stars like Mario Lopez, Rita Moreno, Jodie Sweetin, Sarah Drew, and many more!

What are your favorite Lifetime Christmas movies? Which ones are you most excited to watch this year?

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